CineGlide Prototype

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This is a PROTOTYPE!  That means that it has imperfections.  This particular one will require a bit of filing of two parts to get it all to fit together properly.  Some of the parts on this prototype will NOT be compatible with the final design (really only two small parts).  The prototype will have spare parts available for it as well but we don't have spare camera pods.  You can use the final version of the camera pod when it comes if you break this.


  • ~117g built
  • Fits the DJI stuff but the camera will be a very tight squeeze in this version

Customer Reviews

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Cinematic Beast!!!

As a cinematic FPV platform this frame is incredible. Endless custom camera mounting options, super wide/stable platform, low CG, and it's built like a tank! Seriously, the stiffness and durability of this frame is incredible. It can stand in for my freestyle rig any day of the week. I run anywhere from 6s 1100mah for freestyle ripping, to 5s 2200mah for cinematic long rang cruising. This frame handles it all, and on a single PID tune!

Awesome frame for cinematic shots, and fun.

Great strong frame, can get soooo low to the ground with out props hitting ground. Can't tell you how awesome it is to fly this low.