Glide, CineGlide, CineSplore & Fouride GoPro Session 5 Mount

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This is a bolt on GoPro Session 5 Mount for the FPVCycle CineGlide, CineSplore & Fouride. Printed out of TPU and available in a variety of colors.

We recommend 10deg mounts for the CineSplore and 20deg mounts for everything else. If you’ll be flying a little faster, go with the 30deg mount.

Bring a pot of water to a boil and then drop the TPU mount into the water for exactly 1 minute. Remove the mount, let it cool for a few seconds so you can touch it and then stuff the camera into it and let it finish cooling. This makes the case feel like butter when you use it from then on. Really super nice feeling and still fully functional and effective.

When using an ND filter, you will not see the very corners of the mount in the camera view. Without the ND filter in place, the very very edge of the corners view will have a tiny bit of the guard visible. Even a 1-2% crop takes care of this if it's a problem or ANY degree of stabilization.

Customer Reviews

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GoPro session 5 mount

Nice mount. I really like fpvcycle products, and have 2 glides, 2 Fourides, a cinesplore, and really like the universal ability this mount has. I also have many 3d prints from brain 3d and the quality is always the best. Buy it.

Edwin Velez (Newark, US)
I’m happy with it But…..

I’m happy with the mount it looks perfect & mounted perfectly. The only problem is I ordered a 20degree mount. When I received it and mounted it. It’s not 20degree. It’s 25degree. Package says 20 but it’s 25. I had to tilt up my camera to match the runcam.

Paul Salalila (Saipan, MP)
Top Notch Quality

Prints are clean and perfect fit. They look like they should take a good beating. I would highly recommend them.

Patrick Clevenger (West Alexandria, US)
Nice print fits great

It fits just as it should maybe a little tight but that is what you want so its good. I will say its better then I could print up my self.

Sufyan ITALY
Works fine

It's heavy, it works, but I can see the tpu in the corners of the footage if I use the session5 in superview mode.
Fits perfectly to the new topplate.