Prop wrench (M5 and M3) - Our Favorite Prop Tool

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This is a no nonsense pop socket wrench and is our favorite prop wrench to use. It's handle is about 4" long so it's a small one. There are options for M5 prop nut socket and M3 prop nut socket. Lots of M3 prop nut motors will be coming soon so this is really useful to have.

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Ritter (Portland, US)
So Nice I Bought it Twice

I'm not kidding, First time I bought it as a toss away... sure why not...
then I got it in my hand... Ohh it's nice... and small...
and it clicks soo nice...
I bought another to keep in my bag, one for my desk.
I'll probably get a 3rd to keep in my car...

I've had too many cheap horrible 1/4 drive sockets to really appreciate an inexpensive quality tool.

Thank you.