FPVCycle 22.6mm Motor - 1920kv

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Bell and stator sold separately.

Buy the colors you want and simply snap the bell onto the stator.


The colors on these motors are gloriously pretty. We worked VERY hard on them.

This motor is designed for high power and high response 5" performance without sacrificing efficiency. The unique 22.6mm stator size comes from the RCInpower Wasp motor which is uniquely powerful and efficient for its size and weight. We've taken that same formula, updated the magnets, thickened the magnets, and increased the stator height for more overall torque without overdoing the surface area to volume ratio of the stator. The Kv is 1920 and has been carefully tuned to provide the response and power which results in that intoxicating connected feel with the craft.

Other features include a bell that is very easy to remove and swap out and a rubber O-ring between the bell and bearing for shaft retention pressure control.

The bell spoke design of all our latest 5" and up motors are extra thick for even more durability. Even so, nothing can ultimately hold up to the smashing punishment that is FPV. We're selling the stator and bell separately to make a statement that you can repair your motors very easily with only one screw. As a bonus, we're able to offer various bell colors without stocking an excessive number of products.


  • Gemfan 51433 (HIGHLY recommended all around)
  • Gemfan F4S (GREAT response and power)
  • Gemfan F3S (more response, lower power)
  • 1000 - 1250mah 6S
  • 1100 - 1300mah 5S
  • 1300mah 4S - very high efficiency, less power
  • (Highest C rated batteries are generally recommended for the best performance)


  • Bell - 14.4g (silver is 14.3g)
  • Stator - ~19.6g with ~90mm wire
  • Total motor weight with short wire is about 33g
  • Delta wound wires
  • 7075 Aluminum alloy
  • 12N14P Configuration
  • M5 Prop Adapter Shaft Thread
  • 14mm Titanium alloy hollow shaft (8mm thread)
  • Flanged prop nut (M5x6), no washer
  • Japanese NMB 9x4x4mm Bearing
  • N52H arc magnets with retention lip on bell
  • 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel laminations
  • 20AWG wire, ~20cm length
  • 2.5mm thick mounting base, flush mount
  • 16X16mm M3 mount OR 12x12mm M2 mount
  • M3x5 button head bell retention screw




Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Wade Young
Awesome motors

These things feel very well made and the colors are super clean and bright. I dont have too many flights on them yet but so far they feel very responsive and controlled. Would definitely buy again.

JbarnesFPV (Chickamauga, US)
Love these motors

I have been a fan of FPV cycle since I started flying. The 25mm motors were great but maybe a little big and these 22.6 just feel perfect

Daniel (Friedrichsdorf, DE)
super nice motors

smooth and efficient with decent power. quality is excellent, beautiful colors

John B (Eugene, US)
This is the way to sell a motor

They fly great, I'd be lying if I said I could instantly tell the difference unless I knew what motors were on there... the main thing is, it's about time someone started selling stators + bells separately, so you can always get just one or the other. Bob is ahead of the game on this even if you ignore all the other stuff.

B.S. (Maputo, MZ)
run well and good looking

I like these motors I also like the way he sales these, selling the housing and motor separately encourages me to have extra bells around which typically does the trick, unless I burnt up the wiring. I am using them in my builds for a while, they are worth the money, buy them.