FPVCycle 28mm 1300Kv - 7"-8" Motor

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While the 2809 size isn't new, this motor is built with the latest components RCinpower has to offer and parts we've found to perform well. Various adjustments and quality of life improvements include bell durability design, bearing accessibility, flush mounting, magnet heat dissipation and other minor details. The 2809 size was chosen because of it's proportion of width to height providing good permanent magnetic flux, adequate stator heat dissipation, good efficiency, good motor weight and excellent low and high rpm control for typical 7-8" loads on 6S with it's 1300kv. We did experiment heavily with split shifted magnets and other various design elements prior to settling on this size and build. The added cost and performance trade offs in other areas were not worth the very minor improvements.

Our favorite prop with this motor is the Gemfan carbon reinforced nylon 7035 triblade. Pair all this with an 1800-3000mah 6S pack with a high C rating for excellent performance.

This 2809 motor replaces the previous 30mm motor and has the latest magnets from RCinpower. You can mix and match this 2809 with the 30mm motor on the same craft.


  • 53g with 20cm 18awg wire
  • 1300Kv
  • 12N14P
  • 6-8S
  • N52H arc magnets
  • 260 ℃ enamel copper wire
  • 0.2mm laminations
  • Titanium Alloy hollow shaft
  • Japanese NMB 13x6x5mm bearings
  • 18AWG 20cm length
  • 7075 Aluminum
  • M5 Prop shaft
  • M3 19X19mm flush mount base

Customer Reviews

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KC Lim
Overheated on GF 8060

This motor was an excellent, fantastic performer for 7.5" props, super lightweight, durable(loved the smaller bell) and had a lot of authority in the mid throttle where we fly most often.

It even took the gemfan 8040 well, but when we switched to the 8060 props, the motor overheated everytime, it was hot enough that Dshot600 cut powers to the motors to prevent thermal damage. As the PIDs were already relaxed, as a last resort we reduced the motor output to 80% before flying a live load on it.

Would still buy it for the outstanding build quality, weight, and performance.

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adam druffel (Quincy, US)
Great 7" motors

Using these on a 7" build. They are amazing. Plenty of torque yet still very efficient. I spend most of the time flying at half stick or less. Great motors and super smooth.

Harley Hiles (Chicago, US)
Great longrange motors

Perfect motors for 7-8” longrange/ cinelifters! Great quality and performance.

Vadim Kaplan (Austin, US)
Great motors

I have those motors on my 7” build.
Awesome super quiet motors with loads of power.

Anton d (Elk Grove, US)

Powerful and smooth. Huge improvement over previous 7" motors. They have been holding up well. Have more than 50 packs on them with no issues. Even after spending the night on the bottom of a lake on their 3rd flight.