Panasonic FM/FR Low ESR Electrolytic Capacitors

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We've sourced the FR series variant of these capacitors for the 6S version in 1000uf 35v because of it's crucial need to perform excellent.  The FR series is even lower ESR and higher performance than the FM series which is already excellent.

The FM series is an industry standard capacitor in FPV multirotors.  They are some of the lowest ESR options on the market for the given size and do a good job managing electrical noise when used correctly.

If you have random jitters, ticks or a shaky/fluttering quad on throttle or sharp movements, you may have electrical noise in the system and you can try applying a capacitor to see if it will help.  Using a capacitor by default is good practice and will improve the overall reliability of most crafts.

To use any capacitor correctly, solder no smaller than 18awg wires as close to the base of the capacitor as possible and connect them to the batt in pads on the ESC/AIO board with no more than 1” or 25mm length of the 18awg wire. Thicker wire doesn’t help much to give you a longer distance from the battery in pads. Ideally less than 20mm is preferred.  We strongly recommend the use of a Cap Cap to improve ease of use.

The correct size depends on your drivetrain and voltage. Generally, 25v is used for 2S-4S and 35v is used for 6S. No quad in the 2”-6” range should need more than 1000uf of capacitance. If it does need more, your ESC is not a good match for the motor/prop combo. The lower power the quad is, the less capacitance you can get away with.

25v 330uf
13mm long, 10mm diameter

35v 330uf
22mm long, 8mm diameter

25v 1000uf
21mm long, 13mm diameter

35v 1000uf 
21mm long, 12.5mm diameter


Customer Reviews

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These are solid

They do exactly what they're supposed to do, and have a longer life span according to manufacturer specs.

Works Well

I bought this to avoid damage to my ESC. I have had zero issues with my ESC so I can only assume that it's working. Thumbs up.

simply work better

they simply work better if you put them right on the ESC

Good Capacitor

It works. I have clean video :)