Gemfan Hurricane Durable Tri Blade SL 5125 Propellers (2CW + 2CCW)

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This is an ultralight prop. It’s one of the lightest 5” props on the market at under 3g AND it’s still a tri blade. It’s also a very shallow pitch so it’s aerodynamically light as well. Because it’s still made from polycarbonate, the durability of this prop will surprise you for its weight. Especially on very light quads. I’m just going to stop there because you already know what you’re going to do with this prop if you’re reading this…. :-D


  • Our scale says 2.8375g. The product says’s light
  • 5.5mm hub thickness
  • Polycarbonate
  • M5 mount and T mount with included insert


Recommended use: (these are just soft recommendations):

  • AUW well under 400g
  • 15-31g motor of 18mm width or more
  • 3S-4S battery/kv setup
  • Will work for higher weight quads and have excellent response but will just feel a bit underpowered due to its lightweight, low drag, low load nature

Some food for thought regarding quad setups:

We recommend a motor that’s at least 18mm wide. Smaller will work fine but you’re giving up control performance for the sake of lightness. Depends what you want however. Next, many may want to run an ultralight or micro on 6S but more amperage and less volts seems to be more beneficial for flight characteristics, flight time and overall ease of use. The only time we recommend moving up in voltage is when the load on the battery becomes so excessive that it cannot maintain its voltage well. A 5” camera carrying quad or racing quad will have significantly higher loads on them than an ultralight. We don’t recommend less than 3S, but more than 4S on micros and ultralights is also just going to be adding complexity and increased component risk and cost with not any real world gains. Because of how ESC’s work, they also prefer normal amperage instead of more voltage and less amperage to the point that higher volts with smaller equivalent capacity will not only be more complicated to tune and operate smoothly, but it will actually be less flight time. Of course this is all a very general perspective and it entirely depends on what you’re doing. This passage is intended for someone that does not have ample experience with building tons of setups. If you have that experience, this is not for you because you already know what you’re going to do...this discussion is endless… :-)


Customer Reviews

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Nate Payne (Redmond, US)
Good for very light builds

If you want to build an ultra-light 5” drone, then these are some of the only props to make that setup possible. I use them on an ET5 frame with 2004 motors. It flies great but the props are not durable at all. They bend or kink very easily.

Scott (London, GB)
Pretty perfect for ultralites

As the title says... They're good :)

Reecefpv (Washington, US)
Thin blades

Blades were too thin for my kv and motor size as well as I think they would be better for 6s maybe or high kv. But they are smooth, just no power or respose.

Mr Dexter (Charlotte, US)
Great Performance

These props work well with the 2203 FPVCycle motors. The only criticism I have is that the tips of the blades are very thin and grind down quickly if you turtle mode or crash on a hard surface. This is pretty much unavoidable because the prop is so light, which is why you buy these. Everything else is great.

Tim Danishstallion (Sebastian, US)

Tried these on a Cidora, these are obviously meant more for lighter quads, but they have a really nice color, they are very responsive and smooth.