Gemfan Floppy Proppies (Foldable Props) 2CW + 2CCW

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Gemfans variation of the folding FPV prop. The main difference between this and the DAL Fold is that you can take the hub apart to replace a blade on the Gemfan version if desired. Gemfan is really fantastic at responding to the community and making what we all want. We found a flaw in these props before launch and they held back launch to fix the flaw before sending them out to resellers. We’re not even going to tell you anything else about the props here. Grab a set and try them for yourselves. Please do let us know how you like them too.


  • Length: 5.1 inch
  • Pitch: 3.5 inch
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 4.76g
  • Hub size: 5mm (inner)
  • Hub thickness: 7.55mm


Customer Reviews

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David Faul (Cincinnati, US)
These are great but not for everyone

These are great but not for everyone. They are great for saving space during transport but some people don’t want to have to build their props. Especially when you’re going through multiple sets per session.

Mark (San Francisco, US)
Great for a typical 5 inch, and worth it to transport with the props on

Getting 5-8 minute flights on my fpv cycle 5" Power Pick, 2203/4 2800kv

Reecefpv (Baltimore, US)
Finally cool motors on a cinewhoop

These motors are awesome that's it.

Joergermeister (Colorado Springs, US)

They rock!!

Tim Baitinger (Little Rock, US)
Ok props

I really like the portability but strength is not that great they seem to take damage worse than regular props. Performance is good for just general flying