Tooth Fairy 2 Antenna Mount and GoPro Mount

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There are two antenna mount options:

These mounts are designed to work without any pressnuts on the back of the ToothFairy 2 frame. Pop the antenna mount in place and drive an 8-10mm screw through the TPU itself.

The GoPro mounts are designed to be as light as reasonable so they do not provide 100% protection. This sort of build is not even designed to carry a GoPro but we know everyone wants to as we do this ourselves.


Bring a pot of water to a boil and then drop the TPU mount into the water for exactly 1 minute. Remove the mount, let it cool for a few seconds so you can touch it and then stuff the camera into it and let it finish cooling. This makes the case feel like butter when you use it from then on. Really super nice feeling and still fully functional and effective.

When using an ND filter, you will not see the very corners of the mount in the camera view. Without the ND filter in place, the very very edge of the corners view will have a tiny bit of the guard visible. Even a 1-2% crop takes care of this if it's a problem or ANY degree of stabilization.

Customer Reviews

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React Fpv (Norristown, US)
Nice mount

So far so good with the session mount. I think I’m gonna have to order one for my hero 6 and try that. Good stuff

afro_lou (Petaluma, US)
Perfect little mounts

This review is for the immortal-t/vista antenna mount. It’s a great little mount! Perfect for the tail of the toothfairy.

Edward Enyart (Anchorage, US)

this is sweet would love for it to be a file to print as well