Gemfan 5236 (dark grey only) (5.21" Prop)

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Prop design priority list:
#1 Cruising speed
#2 Efficiency
#3 Response
#4 Durability

We worked very carefully on this prop with Gemfan in order to deliver a specific performance target. The goal of this prop is to have higher cruising speed with more efficiency without loosing too much response. The larger disk size of 5.21" also provides improved handling for todays 5" quads that are usually around or beyond 650g. The resulting prop its all the performance metrics and is called the "I Love You" prop because 521 loosely translates to I love you in Chinese languages.

The higher pitch 5236 version has higher top speed but less response and less efficiency.

What we recommend for optimal operation:

  • ~2306-2507 or comparable motor weighing ~29-35g
  • ~1700-100kv - 6S
  • Max recommended quad weight for any 5" is about 780g AUW - lower is better
  • Particularly good for 5" quads above 650g.


  • Material: PC
  • Weight: 4.1g
  • Pitch: 2.6 (this doesn't really matter)
  • Prop Dia: 132mm
  • Center Thickness: 6mm
  • Center Hole Dia: 5mm
  • Includes: 2CW + 2CCW Props

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John B (Eugene, US)
Good for heavy 5" quads

These have become the ones I like for the larger, more cruiser-style quads that need to carry a full size GoPro and a big battery, often with the FPVcycle 25mm motors. If you run them on a "standard" weight 5" you might end up with a pretty floaty quad due to the bigger disc area. At a higher weight they are better at absorbing the extra power from the bigger motors.

Austin Blair (Swansea, US)
Decent Feel, Not the Best Efficiency

I have around 5 packs through them, and on my ~600g AUW 5S Glide Lite with the 5" motors, I find them to be a little too aggressive feeling. For context, my go-to prop is the HeadsUpFPV prop, which feels like the best balance of grip and tossability. The ILY prop just feels a little too rigid for my liking, and it cut nearly 30 seconds off my flight time under similar loads. I'm sure this prop is perfect for someone, just not me and my setup.

John P Larson (Newburgh, US)

Tried these props on my Fettec Apex build. 680g auw. Very smooth prop with good thrust and responsiveness. Looking forward to trying the Gemfan 5236 props. My goto props are the Hurricane 51466 props.

Kevin G (Pompano Beach, US)
Good, not Great

I've only flown a few packs with these, but my initial impression is that they are good, but not better than other props I have flown. They don't quite have the responsiveness on my setup that other props do.

Bartley Kenneth (Bozeman, US)
Breat profile but very brittle

I was super excited to get these and they do perform well in flight. Unfortunately either the design or the material makes these explode at the smallest nick of a branch or crash. I tried four flights that all ended with a crash mid flight with a broken prop. Last one shattered the back screen on my hero8. I know thats the risk but should have taken them off one flight earlier.