FPVCycle Cinesplore 2 Frame Kit

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The straightforward 3” ducted Cinewhoop platform with a standard GoPro and the same 6S battery you use on a 5” has been our workhorse for many years now. This variant is more robust, easier to build and more reliable with 6mm arms. The structure is extremely solid.

Many still claim they don’t like ducts but that’s just because they haven’t used the FPVCycle 23mm short motors. They truly make a night and day difference over any motor narrower than 22mm. The V8.1 duct which you can print yourself, further enhances the performance over other duct designs.

There are loads of exploded GoPro Cinewhoops out there which are great but every single one we’ve used suffers from sub par flight performance and a delicate nature which requires careful maintenance. There are absolutely the advantages of being lighter, a bit quieter and smaller but we seldom run into those issues with a standard 3” craft. So we upgraded the standard 3” even more because it’s frikin bulletproof at this point and is used 90% of the time over any other craft when a GoPro is involved with slow moving subjects.


You can run a negative gopro tilt and still have nothing from the craft in sight at 8:7 Wide view. This was a must because we do sometimes point the gopro a little down with some shoots. This frame has the same GoPro mount as the 8mm Glide. Swap between them quickly if you wish.

Note that the 23mm Short motors and V3 ducts make an enormous difference over any other 3” cinewhoop out there. The frame is not really special although with 6mm thick arms and a super straightforward build, it is a breath of fresh air.


  • ~75g without ducts
  • 125g with V8.1 Ducts
  • 155mm diagonal size motor center to motor center
  • ~221mm sideways width from end duct to end of duct
  • ~188mm front to back from end of duct to end ofl duct
  • 12x12 M2 motor mounting platform ONLY
  • 21mm build height
  • Two electronic mount platforms.
  • Front electronic platform: 20x20 and whoop mount
  • Rear electronic platform: 20x20, whoop and 30x30 mount
  • 20mm wide FPV Cam mount
  • Recommended motor: FPVCycle 23mm short motors
  • Recommended prop: Gemfan 75mm Cinewhoop prop

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