Glide, CineGlide, CineSplore & Fouride GoPro Hero 8 Mount

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This is a bolt on GoPro Hero 8 Mount for the FPVCycle CineGlide, CineSplore & Fouride. Printed out of TPU and available in a variety of colors.

The Glide currently does not fit this specific mount yet. In the near future, the Glide will be updated to fit this mount as well. When the next shipment arrives, the updated top plate for the Glide will be $1 and includes other improvements as well as the addition of the new mounting platform.

These mounts are all designed to be used with our ND filter. The Hero 5/6/7 mount requires the additional bumper to hold the ND filter.

We recommend 10deg mounts for the CineSplore and 20deg mounts for everything else. If you’ll be flying a little faster, go with the 30deg mount.

Bring a pot of water to a boil and then drop the TPU mount into the water for exactly 1 minute. Remove the mount, let it cool for a few seconds so you can touch it and then stuff the camera into it and let it finish cooling. This makes the case feel like butter when you use it from then on. Really super nice feeling and still fully functional and effective.

When using an ND filter, you will not see the very corners of the mount in the camera view. Without the ND filter in place, the very very edge of the corners view will have a tiny bit of the guard visible. Even a 1-2% crop takes care of this if it's a problem or ANY degree of stabilization.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Logan Winheim (Las Vegas, US)
Excellent Quality Print

There’s nothing more to say than the mount is an excellent quality 3D Print.

DT (Heathsville, US)
Looks good

Looks like a good quality GoPro Mount, have not used it yet because I haven't finished my build.

kk (Upper Falls, US)
Glide Frame Feedback

Setup: 4s 1300 lipo, velox 2306 V2 motors, T-motor F7 Stack, Crossfire Link, Ethix PBJ Biblade Props, 700g auw.

Ive flown Tmotor FT5 frames exclusively for over 1 yr, had glide build for less than 2 months at time of this feedback. Quad flies more responsive, but also different (not a bad thing, i just have to adjust), its probly because of the truex(?) arm setup and wieght diff. No gopro breaking crashes yet so i cant say anything about durability.

Was iffy about the TPU FPV camera mounts but now that ive tried it, im not worried anymore. Frame was not painful to put together, i really like that the gopro mounting holes are the same across FPVcycle frames, happy with the strap weaving into frame. i only use vista, the space for it is just right... but id have problems if i was running an air unit. Really happy with it so far. YouTube video placeholder
Brian Ladmirault (Maumelle, US)
They are very nice

I even have two 3-D printers, and can print very nice TPU mounts. I’ll order these anyways, because they are very well-made

Brain3D (Eustis, US)
That’s because they are Brain3D prints