ND Filter for GoPro and other Cameras - ND16 - 2 Pack

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This is the ND filter we find most useful for removing jello from footage as well as inducing motion blur. We take it off for flying in the early mornings or late in the day. Otherwise it’s the only filter we use and having just one keeps things really easy.

The beauty of this filter is that much time and effort was spent searching for the right product that provides nearly distortion free translucency. Overall colors tend to come out slightly more warm but otherwise no distortion is visible. The best part is that it’s cheap enough to break and throw away.

Recommended use:

Put your GoPro on default settings. Just straight default. Use one of many TPU GoPro/ND cases (same as the TBS Jello Guard filters). These filters do not stick on and they work with any form factor GoPro as well as other cameras that you can find filter holding cases for. The GoPro has fantastic dynamic range and it takes care of the rest. Use this filter up until near sunset if you like for extra high motion blur. At high noon in a bright setting like snow or dessert, this will be an excellent jello filter and you will see very little to no motion blur. Everywhere else, it's awesome and the GoPro handles the lighting admirably. This filter also works on the RunCam and other HD cameras but they do not have the same light handling qualities as a GoPro so naturally it's not quite as good.

What is an ND filter and why does it cut out jello:

ND stands for Neutral Density and all it means is that it cuts out light. The reason why it works to get rid of jello is because the shutter of each frame captured by the camera is not closing in the middle of being vibrated on the quad. Instead, the vibration turns into imperceivable motion blur. This filter goes a little further than that however. The goal of this filter is to also provide actual motion blur from your stick inputs as well. When you fly low, it makes the ground look like it's rushing by and everything generally looks far smoother.


  • 32.5mm x 36mm x 1.85mm (Same size as TBS filters)
  • ND16
  • Tempered glass
  • Not foggy glass, high quality filter applied to one side of plain glass.
  • Compatible with all GoPros and many other cameras as well
  • No stick/glue
  • You will need a camera case that is designed to hold an ND filter.

    General filter form:
    This filter has rounded corners and very slightly chambered edges.  It is a plain sheet of tempered glass with the filter applied to one side.  This is how many higher end filters are constructed and creates a much more even and color free effect than fogged glass.  The glue from stick on filters is often the reason why they lack clarity.  Also, the stick on filters are plastic which collects smudges and micro scratches much easier.
    This is a GLASS product.  It is NOT as strong as the glass on the GoPro and it WILL (probably) break because it is glass.  Expect glass to break because it is glass.  Much effort was put into finding high quality filters that are cost effective enough to break.  In rare occasions, glass filters may break in an odd way and could scratch the glass on your GoPro.  This is just part of the list of dangers we accept in pursuit of nice video.  The glass nature of this glass product cannot be overcome and gorilla glass like on your phone or the GoPro it self cannot be accessed by us in this industry because we would need to buy enormous quantities for them to consider it. As far as we know, there isn't a gorilla or otherwise durable glass knockoff company we can use. Many companies make a similar product, none of them will entertain quantities under millions.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome filter

Just what I needed for
4K recording

Easy button for great video

I use my Gopro for car track day footage and FPV, and this lets me get better footage in both situations, and fits the stock GoPro cage that I use when on track.

Much better than TBS

the fpv cycle ND filters are cut nicely and the color of the nd filter makes video look better. the TBS ND filters are all different shapes and sizes. some of them barely fit inside the mounts. also the TBS shatter way too easy. it shattered the nd filter and my Gopro lens cover. Don't buy the TBS ND filters.! They are trash compared to the FPV Cycle filters.

Good filters

Filters work good, make sure to put the coated side out. Coated side is the side that reflects a light bulb dark, the non coated side has a purple tint when you hold it in the light. Thats the side you eant facing the gopro.

Great ND Filters

These Filters work just as well as the TBS filters. I would buy them again. The even come in a plastic container