Caddx Ant Lite 4:3 FPV Camera - FPVCycle Edition

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This camera was put together specifically for FPVCycle and as of September 2020, the best overall looking sub 2g camera we’ve seen. This camera was designed to fit into the BeeBrain V2 mount although the lens does protrude slightly out from the mount bumpers. All in all, this camera inside the BeeBrain V2 mount is the best combination of image quality per gram and mounting durability we could find for small, light platforms like the BabyTooth and TP3.

The Ant Lite 4:3 uses the same electronics and sensor as the standard Caddx Ant camera. The only difference between the standard Ant Lite and this camera is the lens and lens mounting apparatus. The lens selected for this was chosen among a dozen options and is slightly sharper than the standard Ant lens. The normal Ant Lite is a 16:9 only camera. This is NOT the normal Ant Lite. This camera is ONLY 4:3.


  • 1.68g
  • Plug for wires and OSD settings
  • 13x13mm PCB
  • 13.5mm from back of PCB to end of lens (not including connectors)
  • 10mm lens end diameter
  • ~1.8mm lens
  • NTSC and PAL
  • Wide Power Input: DC 3.7-18V


Customer Reviews

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Marco Garcia (Brooklyn, US)
Caddx Ant Lite 4.3

Caddx ant lite is a pretty good camera on a nice sunny day. I would of like to have a osd board for the camera setting. YouTube video placeholder
Brandon Johnson (Fresno, US)
Looks legit!! Have not tried yet!

Still have not tried it. But will soon . Hopefully I'll be able to edit this review, once I've tried it.

Sharkey5150 (Atlanta, US)
Mounting in NBD canopy is like they were made for each other.

I’ve read a lot of reviews with folks talking about mounting the camera with hot glue, rubber bands, etc…but, for me, I heat the NBD canopy a little, widen the back side a little, insert camera. Then I take a small sharp awl or whatever and pierce a small hole where the mounting screws go on each side then I use the tiny factory screws and it works great for me. Never have my camera ever come loose unless I want to take it out and it comes out perfectly with no nasty glue all over it and definitely no Jello. Just an idea that works for me. Holla!

Sharkey5150 (Atlanta, US)
Best Version on the Ant

Wow! Being into FPV for only 4 yrs, I’ve been amazed at how fast FPV tech has grown. At this time this is the best bang for your buck Nano camera on the market, hands down.The picture quality of this version of the Ant, being 4:3 and the unbelievable low price is very impressive. I’ve purchased several and so far I’ve yet to get a bad one. Thanks to Kabobfpv for the years of ragging Caddx on their quality control has finally paid off in my experience so far. Go ahead and pick up a few. Who knows how long they will be at this price.👍👍

Kristopher Vanderwyk (Oak View, US)
Cheap and light

Hard to beat for the price, good enough to run on a 5” but not the best