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Please see THIS article page for build parts spec and tuning 

Use this frame in 1.5mm or 2mm with the 1S 3” drivetrain for a super fun and safe 45-55g AUW quad that will knock your socks off!  The same pattern is offered in 3mm for the 3S drivetrain if you prefer a unibody over the TP3. It’s impressively stiff and confidence inspiring in 3mm and only 8.8g.  You should be aware that the 1.5mm version is not as strong as the 2mm version but it is about 1.3g lighter.

This design is called the ‘Baby Tooth’ not because it’s smaller than the TP3, but because it supports 1S better and is simpler than the TP3. After some heavy refinement, this is the final pattern we landed on.

This frame is cut from T700 carbon but It does not have a chamfer on it. This frame is supposed to be a high value item with the majority of the design time invested into optimizing performance, weight and durability.  Customizing the frame with your own hand done sanding on the edges is up to you.

The latest version seen in the product pictures has thicker arm ends for more motor protection and a cross bar on one of the arms designed to mount the MiniMortal T antenna.  The overall frame design has also had minor adjustments to it's lines to improve durability further.


  • 115mm diagonal for 3” props
  • T700 carbon
  • 1.5mm thick ~4.4g (carbon only)
  • 2mm thick 5.7g (carbon only)
  • 3mm thick 8.8g (carbon only)
  • Motor protection bumper
  • FC Mounting: 25.4x25.4mm M2 (Whoop mount)
  • FC Mounting: 16x16 M2 also on there
  • Cross bar for mounting MiniMortal T antenna
  • FC mounting hardware included with frame


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 126 reviews
    timothy vandine (Pearland, US)
    Baby tooth 2mm and 3mm frame

    First of all this company is legit. Literally the fastest response and shipping in FPV. These baby tooth frames are really good. My 2mm is analog 1s
    My 3mm is going to be naked vista on 2s but it’s not done yet.

    Jordy Verhelst (Zele, BE)
    great frame!

    best flying experience i have had with a 1s!

    Mike (Mission Viejo, US)
    Fantastic frame 💯

    I've recently built what I call the Supertp3. Although a tp3 built with the 5000kv motors and a 3s tattu R-line is phenomenal, I wanted more🏋️🐆🚀🧖‍♂️. So I grabbed some T-motor 1404 4600kv motors and some tattu !!4s!! 550 R-line batteries. Slapped that on a 3mm babytooth frame with a jhemcu 40a pro (has black box) running 48khz bluejay. Pidtoolboxed it for a tight step response and verify no oscillations after balancing props. Warning, gf 3016's are well "balanced" for most builds including the tp3 but not this they Must be well balanced! Or else🌛. It's running analog, a foxeer razor pico paired with a hglrc Zeus nano vtx with mic. I put a betafpv nano elrs for longer range (100mw telemetry amp chip). A 80% throttle limit so far🤏 (44,000 rpm). It comes in at 74grams and Hauls butt😁 like a lot🤓. It sounds so good and smooth as butter. My next build will be hdzero same thing basically but Hdizzle. With all that said it's a tp3 on a babytooth frame with Nitrous. Good flight times 5+minutes. Still love my tp3's🥰. Go fly! Thanks Kabob!

    Daniel (New Orleans, US)
    Babytooth frame all thicknesses

    Really like these. Have built quite a few. All the thicknesses work great. Really glad these are being stocked more regularly. 2s 350mah 13mm 6350 motors, and 2mm thickness is my favorite, but on analog no hd footage. So I really like 3s 380mah 13mm 5000kv with a runcam thumb also to get some nice video. 1.5mm for 1s is a must for shedding that extra gram also.

    Erik Larsson (Cincinnati, US)

    Looks great, feels great! Super strong and super light! I’m pleased!!