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Batch 4 and onwards

This batch is perfect. No flaws, smooth clean edges, excellent carbon, excellent fit, excellent screws, all is perfect. We will only be ordering this specific product from this one manufacturer moving forward because they have got it perfect and the fine details of quality control had been such a pain to manage across multiple manufacturers. 


Apologies for this:

The arm lock design has been one we’ve had for a while and isn’t original but we didn’t use it for the same reason a few others designers haven’t either.  It looks like historical symbol that does not represent anything good or nice. We deeply apologize if this offends you but it really is the most efficent way we could come up with.  The re-inspiration to use this again came from Johan of MadKwads.



  • Multi Unit design
  • T700 carbon in 0.5mm laminate thickness (thinner is better, typical is 1.5mm)
  • 9.4g built frame base with hardware
  • 1.5mm body plates, 2.5mm arms
  • Accepts 1”x1” typical whoop mounting platform
  • Good quality carbon but no chamfers to keep costs down
  • Made to be used. Not a shelf ornament.
  • Every line on this design is very delicately crafted for optimization

Multi Unit design benefits:

  • Repairability when you smash it
  • Skinnier arms for less thrust deflection and rotational drag
  • Similar weight to a monobody of the same or lesser durability
  • Cheaper to maintain
  • Easier to repair and maintain
  • Doesn’t ruin your flying day due to a crash

Included parts:

  • 5x arms 
  • 1x lower body plate
  • 1x top and FC mounting plate 
  • 10x rubber bands


    • 5x M2x6mm steel 10.9 hardness socket cap
    • 4x M2x16mm steel 10.9 hardness socket cap
    • 4x M2x20mm steel 10.9 hardness socket cap
    • 5x M2 steel locknut
    • 10x M2 press nuts (installed)


    • Under 109g AUW with 3S 450mah
    • Under 95g on 2S 450mah
    • No smaller or larger than 450mah cells in 3S or 2S
    • Press fit props on a 2mm prop shaft motor
    • No more than ~7g per motor

     3S 3” Drivetrain:

    Want a bundled kit for all the recommended components?

    Want it Prebuilt and Ready to Fly?

    The TP3 story:

    At its inception, the Toothpick formula was to turn a whoop inside out and give it the ability to perform like a much larger craft. Just a typical brushless AIO whoop board with similar motors but very large, very light 65mm(2.5in) props on a very light frame. The resulting performance was jaw dropping in any configuration from an AUW of ~37g on 1S to 73g on 2S and pure wackiness on 3S.

    The goal with the Toothpick project was first and foremost to be safe for almost any environment, fully legal, quiet, durable, reliable and most importantly, loads of fun! These features should not be compatible with each other but the magic of crazy disk loading and power radios made it possible.

    As with anything, the more you do it, the more developed and fine tuned your tools become. Like a surgeon that gets better at their craft and graduates to more and more developed instruments, the TP3 is literally a refined, purpose built, surgical instrument of the sky. If built to top end spec on 3S, this sucker is a frikin bullet! So throw that safety out the window. However the same setup on 2S becomes a very safe friend :-). Just as safe as the original Toothpick setup. The noise profile on 2S is significantly quieter than a 65mm/2.5” Toothpick twin blade on 2S. On 3S it’s still slightly quieter than a top power spec 65mm/2.5” Toothpick.

    The TP3 formula is similar to the original. Extremely low weight, large props for such a low weight and the smallest motor that can spin that prop with good control. The pudding is in the details however and we spent months intensely testing everything just to find out that what we’re looking for doesn’t exist! So we started making custom parts. There is a lot in how it’s setup as well but that’s better left to the video than writing pages on pages...

    Starting with the prop, we knew what we wanted but it didn’t exist. Having a good relationship with Gemfan, we carefully crafted a prop together and they got working on manufacturing. With the prop in mind, we then tested custom motor products from just about every known company out there before landing on a couple of gems...that only became good with numerous revisions. Other manufacturers will figure it out and give us more options in time but the two we have now are stellar. Given the crazy performance we were after, the frame also needed to be reimagined to perform and hold up to a new level of punishment. Next, we had to solve the annoyance with whoop boards and how difficult they were to solder. FullSpeed and BetaFPV were instrumental in the execution of the redesign and we now have two great options in case one runs into QC or reliability issues. The rest of the build is arbitrary but we prefer just a basic camera and Vtx to keep the weight down.

    Performance wise, this thing is FAST. FAST fast. There are probably other things in this size class that are faster in a straight line, but that's not what we mean by fast. It’s like flying a laser pointer, it just does EXACTLY what you want it to do with absolute precision. Throttle control is also exquisite. It's a bit difficult to explain all the performance in words but when you fly one, you'll understand. The performance profile on a low weight load out also fits a Betaflight stock tune with just a little more TPA.

    Durability is one area that may be in question and is where we need to put a little bit of a disclaimer on this style build. When built to top spec on 3S, this thing is VERY FAST and INSANELY AGILE. This build is designed for advanced pilots but it doesn’t mean that it’s weak or not for beginners. That’s actually far from true. The frame is quite robust, motors are quality built and even the prop shaft is beefed up. When you first learn to ski or snowboard, you fall. You fall a LOT. It hurts. As you improve, you learn how to fall. Pro level athletes do amazing things and also know how to fall amazingly well. As an FPV pilot, you learn how not to break your equipment….or, balls to the wall and you know you’re going to break it and are okay with it. To achieve this level of performance, high durability has been replaced with repairability. It definitely still takes quite a bit of force to break an arm. The extremely low weight means that if you’re a beginner and running 2S, it’ll be quite difficult to break. It really only becomes a hazard to itself when you're darting around at high speeds.

    This thing is so incredibly easy to fly with its low weight and incredible control, it’s exactly what the advanced pilot needs to push their own limits and exactly what the novice wants to learn on.

    Customer Reviews

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    Great fun!

    This little frame is so light and surprisingly durable. It is great fun to fly because it is handles great, is so much quieter and less imposing than larger quads. Thanks Bob!

    A+ on this one

    This frame is great, it's very simple but very well put together. Makes for a killer combo! The tp3 I built is using the betafpv 1204 motors and its just amazing how well it flys. "swimming through air"

    Watch Motor Selection

    After waiting what seems like months for the 1303 motors to return in stock, I purchased iFlight XING 1204 motors which didn't fit the TP3 arms. Mounting pattern was correct at 9mm, but the bottom c-clip protruded below the motor base and was too large in diameter to fit in the center hole of the arm. Could not mount these motors. Too bad the arm didn't have a little more carbon so that a larger hole could exist to accept a wider variety of motors. Guess I'll continue waiting on the FPVCycle 1303's.

    the best

    Excellent support and products,highly recommended!!

    The best toothpick frame for the money available.

    Just keeps getting better with every evolution.