FPVCycle Glide - 5" Frame

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You will always find the most up to date version of this frame here.  The latest updates make the frame significantly more durable without adding much weight.

Good quality drivers or otherwise drivers that will not strip or deform such as those made by MIP are always STRONGLY encouraged.

The Glide is manufactured with 2mm body plates and 5mm arms.  We are discontinuing the Lite and the Hammer versions because the Lite just wasn't that popular and the Hammer version didn't make sense with the base model being as strong as it is now.  The Glide will not be discontinued into the far future.


  • Fits 5.21” props
  • Motor mount pattern: 16x16 and 19x19
  • Frame weight fully built with FPV cam mount: ~111g after all the updates
  • Well constructed carbon
  • True X layout with option of dead cat arms
  • One central 30x30/20x20/whoop mounting platform flanked by two 20x20 platforms all accessible at all times with no interference.
  • No stack screws touch any arm parts. No arm/stack integration.
  • Two screws per independent arm with bracing against other arms. Easy swaps and secure fit.
  • 23mm standoffs (fits vista with low cam tilt, 25mm recommended for DJI standard cam)
  • Motor bumpers on arms really do save motors from damage.
  • GoPro mount platform compatible with Prototype 5, Cinesplore, Fouride, ToothFairy 2 and other future FPVCycle frames.
  • 12.9 hardness steel screws and steel press-nuts.
  • Micro and Nano sized FPV camera spacing (20mm wide or narrower)
  • Dead Cat arms available to be purchased separate


The Glide Floss is built to work for you.  Its focus is durability for it's weight, convenience and compatibility.  The option of dead cat arms is directed at those needing a workhorse for FPV videography and absolutely must get their props out of view with low GoPro tilt.  The arms are also easy to swap so you can go back and forth.  This design comes from the legacy of Hyperlite and Floss frames with optimizations over all freestyle frames in the series before it.  If you’re running a Flowride or FlosStyle, we know you love them but overall this design is better balanced, easier to build and maintain, stronger and comes in better carbon.

Recommended build:

Weight adds up quickly and is enemy #1 for flight performance. You don't really need that giant Vtx antenna mount or those thicc TPU shoes. The 20x20 mounting platform in front is primarily intended for your flight controller. This is due to the heaps of various types of noise radiating from your ESC, power lines, vtx and most importantly, the Crossfire receiver. Telemetry left on with Crossfire will disturb your OSD chip and camera. It's recommended that your Crossfire Rx be moved to the rear while the camera and FC stay up front. The first time you put this frame together it will be very tight.  It will seem like the holes are off, they're not.  Carbon compresses over time and this design will compress to normal rather than loose which causes arm wiggle.  If your frame doesn't feel rigid after a while, please tighten your screws.  They too come loose over time.

Other Recommendations:

  • Recommend 650g AUW or below for 5".  Sub 610g AUW is ideal.
  • 2207, 2306, 2208, 2306.5, 2307, 2407, 2305 motors in ~1800kv 6S or ~2500kv 4S.
  • Recommend motor weight under 35g
  • Sub 200g battery 4S-6S
  • Sub 4.3g 5" or 5.1" prop
  • Any 20x20 FC
  • WaFl premade cap
  • Please use blue loctite for inner arm mount screws...unless you're lazy like us. Then just know that they may come loose over many flights.


Further recommendations about teeth:

Glide floss is not really the best floss for your teeth, it just fit the naming scheme well. It's made of a very slippery material that may fit between teeth easily but also slips over plaque easily. While it may be the only floss people with braces can use effectively, Reach Dentotape is far superior floss. It's double wide and braided so it will gently scrub the sides of your teeth and gums clean. Please floss at least once a day and stay away from products containing high fructose corn syrup.


Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews

Very nice

GeKo (Basel, CH)
Amazing all-round frame for absurd discount

The sale on the glide has been going on for months, you can really get nothing close to this for the same price. Most frames which could match the performance are more than double the price. Additionally I dont know of any frames that approach this weight while having separate FC + ESC mounting and dont need a 'stack'. With the glide you can easily use a 20x20 FC and a 30x30 ESC

my recommendation is pop a kiss ultra FC in there and enjoy, no tuning needed amazingly responsive, light and strong true-x frame.

Dudley Knowles (Madison, US)
Just built another one

I built one a couple years ago—my first 5” build—and loved it. When I went digital this summer, I thought I’d try something different, so I built an AOS 5. And I didn’t love it (sorry, Chris). Maybe it’s just because I’ve spent so many hours flying the Glide, but I ended up taking apart the AOS 5, and building another Glide—same cheap motors, same cheap stack. And I love it, especially at this price.

Eyal M (Atlanta, US)

Awesome frame in a crazy price

Richard King (Richmond, US)
Silly smooth

The research that Bob puts into these things is evident. It's the smoothest flying frame I've build. It may not be as strong as a apex or a xl5v5 (maybe it is?) But it 100% flys better. The fit of the carbon was top notch, even had to thread each screw past the carbon. Only complaint is there's a ton of space I didn't need behind the camera and my rush soli max had to sit sideways in the rear, so not a great frame for larger vtxs.