FPVCycle 23mm Tall Motor - 12x12 M2 Mount with M5 Prop Shaft

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We have upgraded this motor to the new 22.6mm motor using the 12x12mm Stator HERE


This motor is the first of its kind in that it’s a full 5” performance size motor with a 12x12 M2 mount platform. Pair this motor with the Gemfan F3 or F4 prop and a sub 500g AUW 5” frame for a truly stellar level of control performance.

Recommended Uses:

  • 1830kv - 6S 5” Light weight (<~500g AUW) - not arrived yet
  • 2330kv - 3S-4S 5” Light weight (<~500g AUW)
  • 2330kv - 4S-5S 4” High powered (<~500g AUW)


  • 23mm stator diameter
  • 12x12mm M2 mounting pattern (not flush mount)
  • ~25g with ~90mm length wires
  • ~23g with short cut wires
  • The 1830kv motor is larger at 2306.2 and is ~30g with short wires
  • 0.15mm Kawasaki High performance laminations
  • M5 grade 5 titanium prop shaft
  • Screw retained bell assembly
  • 3x8x4mm 693zz Japan ISC Custom bearings
  • 7075-T6 aluminum casing
  • 260℃ enamel coated single wrap oxygen-free copper windings


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ladio (Los Angeles, US)
Excellent Motors

6s 1830kv Very smooth and powerful on my 4.5 inch build, flies and carries exactly like a 5 inch that these are 5 inch style motors with just 12x12 mounting

coastFPV (New York, US)
These motors are sooo good!

I initially installed these motors on a 4” Armattan Gecko running 6S. They were monsters on that frame but unfortunately I broke the frame and decided against rebuilding it. So I stuffed them into a 3.5” cinewhoop and WOW, perfect combination. Absolutely thrilled with it and the way it flies.

Jeremy Thompson (Ottawa, US)
Motors are amazing!

First off let me say.. im a Fpvcycle fan boy after these motors.. they fly so smooth but yet have all the power you need, I’m running the 1830kv on 6s pack. Micro 5” Apex weight 297 without the battery. I prefer the tattu 1050mah lipo it comes in at 180g I also use the 1300mah it comes in at 198g. It’s a magical set-up!

Gary (‘Aiea, US)

So far these motors are pretty awesome on my lightweight 5 inch. They actually outperform my regular 5-in builds due to the weight and the power that these motors put out and they also look great

GeKo (Basel, CH)
Best all-round motor for my builds

I use the 2300KV version on 4s:
On a 5 inch toothfairy 2 with AUW ~ 500g
on a 6 inch LR cinematic build with AUW ~ 550-600g

This must be one of the best motors when it comes to weight/performance ratio. So far swings any 5 inch prop I have tried on a light setup for an awesome level of control in freestyle.
Also gemfan 6030 6 inch triblades are great for cruising on a light build

please keep making these and keep them as light as they are!