Gemfan Freestyle4 5.1x3.6x3 Durable F4 Propellers

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Prop design priority list:
#1 Response
#2 Speed
#3 Efficiency
#4 Durability

This prop was designed to balance speed and response. Compared to the F3 prop, it literally trades half the responsiveness for maybe ~20% more speed/power. The durability of this prop is very similar to the F3 and again is not going to be as durable as something like the 51433 or any other blade that weighs more than 3.5g. Don't mind the pitch spec as it's not very helpful in describing a props performance; this prop is faster than the HW S4.

What we recommend for optimal operation:

  • ~2306 or comparable motor weighing ~29-35g
  • ~1800-1880kv - 6S
  • Under 720g AUW (including battery and GoPro) - lower is better

Extended use case:

This prop is not recommended for the sub 350g 5" class. Use the S3 blade. If your quad is ~750g AUW and you're running more than ~1700kv. It'll cap out the prop and it'll start fluttering.


  • Material: PC
  • Weight: 3.6g
  • Pitch: 3.6in
  • Prop Dia: 129mm
  • Center Thickness :6mm
  • Center Hole Dia: 5mm
  • Quad weight 550-750g
  • Recommended Motor 4S 2300-2500kv 6S 1650-1950KV


  • 2CW + 2CCW Props

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
DT (Louisa, US)
Great props

I have been using this props on my 5" for a while now, they have good low throttle response and descent pop on the high end.

Richard (Hattiesburg, US)
Great Prop

Smooth and powerful. Have had no durability problems.

Chad Salas (San Jose, US)
Good props not sure why people had issues with durability

I like these props I don’t have any issues with durability I’ve broken a couple here or there. But that’s to be expected I don’t see any other props that would have faired much better. They’re nice and light weight so they have great response the F3’s are also good props just not quite enough pitch for me on them.

Chris Taylor
Excellent choice for everyday use

These perform great, plainly put they look good and work perfectly for freestyle. Love the colors and quality of materials

Mr Dexter (Summerville, US)
Excellent Prop

Very smooth, durable, plenty of power.