FPVCycle 25mm Motor - The Extra Smooth One

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Bell and stator now sold separately.

Buy the colors you want and simply snap the bell onto the stator.


This is the first and only FPV motor on the market with Split Shifted magnets.

Simulations told us that this design would be 99% the same as a skewed stator design which is supposed to even out the flux field around the bell and increase the average torque. We've been around the block a few times so we weren't surprised when that's not how it played out in the real world. The real world result is that the throttle just feels like it has a whole lot more resolution on it leading to a more enhanced control feel when you're trying to smoothly work the throttle. (spoiler, the Split Shifted magnet design doesn't work out as an improvement on any motor size...we're only using it on this motor after much testing and tweaking)

The performance target of this motor is improved low throttle power with enhanced throttle feel. If you're looking for the smoothest flight performance, this is the motor for you. It's still powerful enough to knock your socks off and especially good at maintaining higher cruising speeds on a 5.2" prop like the Gemfan 5226 (don't bother with the 5236, it's not as good as the 5226).

This is the 4th gen of this motor and it's been an expensive development journey. With the latest development of the Split Shift magnet structure, we believe it's as good as it can be. This motor also shares the more recent developments of easy bell swaps, extra thick bell spoke structure and the O-ring shaft tension system.



  • High performance: 1870kv with 6S 1100-1400mah and AUW below ~745g
  • Med-High performance: 1870kv with 5S 1550mah and AUW below ~745g
  • High performance: 2150kv with 5S 1200-1600mah and AUW below ~745g
  • Cruising: 1870kv or 2150kv with as little as 4S 1300mah or larger battery
  • Any of the above setups at a lower AUW is going to perform significantly better.

This Motor Pairs Well With:


    • ~35g with ~20mm wires
    • Delta wound winding
    • 7075 Aluminum alloy
    • 12N14P Configuration
    • M5 Prop Adapter Shaft Thread
    • 13.5mm Titanium Alloy hollow shaft (8mm thread)
    • Flanged prop nut (M5x6), no washer
    • Japanese NMB 9x4x4mm Bearing
    • N52H arc magnets with retention lip on bell
    • 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel laminations
    • 20AWG wire, ~20cm length
    • 2.5mm thick mounting base, flush mount
    • 16X16mm M3 mount
    • M3x8 button head bell retention screw

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 125 reviews
    Rafael Vazquez Flores (Tarifa, ES)

    FPVCycle 25mm Motor - The Extra Smooth One

    Dario Alomia (Quito, EC)
    Best motors

    They are just like flossing your teeth daily.

    Christopher Allen (Durham, US)
    A great way to go.

    This set up is a great option for the 5 inch quad. It’s not a cheap price motor by any means, but when you have the option to buy the bell and stater separately, you can always have extras. Plus one of the best motors one can buy.

    C.F. (Milford, US)
    Needs More KV!

    Great smooth motors! But disappointed FPVCYCLE didn’t offer a higher KV variant like 1950 kv. They should offer three KV’s 1750, 1870, and 1950kv. Did a 6” build and the motors can’t accelerate the props as fast as I would like. 1950KV!!!

    Laura Shelton (Macon, US)
    Excellent 6s motors very smooth 👌

    These are without a my favorite motors very smooth and durable I've crashed multiple times no damage using 6s 1500mah at 150c output WOW! Snappy little fella^