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The idea behind this design is balance. Not weight balance, but a balance of features:

  • Small frame but not too small
  • Durable but not too heavy
  • Room on top for a good sized battery
  • Easy swap GoPro mounts
  • Short height but not so short that the props run into the GoPro
  • Suitable camera protection
  • Fits the DJI air unit (Vista recommended)
  • TWO 30x30 platforms side by side, along with Whoop and 20x20
  • Easy to work on


In addition to those, there are two key features that were the main focus.

The structure of this design is such that the main deck assembly is self-sufficient. It’s currently common to use the top plate as a structural element so that the main deck can be reduced in weight. While this still works great, it relies on a number of spaced out joints for structural integrity. If you pull those joints closer together, your structural integrity will improve. This is the same reason why shorter standoffs are more durable in a crash. The structure of the Prototype 5 is designed to pull all the structural elements as close together as possible to create a deck that is rigid, but more importantly cross braced against itself to help manage forces and vibrations. This probably sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo but when you hold it in your hand, you immediately understand and it feels right.

Hauling a GoPro around is an annoying necessity. One of the biggest annoyances is getting the props out of the camera view at low camera tilt without destroying flight performance. In order to achieve this, most designs either have a super tall build height, move the camera way way forward or the frame is enormous and the GoPro sits between the front blades. Any of these methods will significantly compromise weight, weight distribution and control performance. But it is what it is, no? While it definitely is what it is, with this design we’ve carefully positioned the GoPro as close to the CG as possible such that you will get a bit of prop in view at low 20deg GoPro Hero angles but after software stabilization, there ‘should’ be no props in view. This doesn’t immediately seem like a big deal but the resulting performance of the quad in such a small package speaks for itself.

This design was drawn up almost a year ago in anticipation of the future electronics we have today. The design has not yet been broadly tested by a large audience. Typically, our frames go through initial design and testing, then several prototype batches where copious amounts of feedback are collected and considered. Adjustments are made if necessary and the frame becomes more complete then gets a name. The future adjusted parts will stay compatible with the current parts as well and prototype batches are discounted too.

There is one annoyance with this frame we must point out up front. It uses press-nuts for everything which is much simpler but if you’re using a 20x20 stack, you cannot just replace an arm by undoing the two arm screws. You must loosen two other screws to pop the arm out. If using the Whoop pattern or 30x30, this isn’t an issue. Annoying but not a big deal because it only takes an extra couple seconds.


  • Fits 5.25” props
  • Motor mount pattern: 16x16
  • Comes with motor mounting screws
  • Frame weight fully built: ~104g
  • Premium materials
  • 20mm build height
  • Two side by side electronic platforms, 30x30, 20x20 and Whoop mount for both
  • No stack screw integration with arms
  • Wide X layout
  • No props in GoPro Hero view at ~25deg after stabilization processing
  • Two screws per independent arm with bracing.
  • Motor bumpers on arms ends
  • GoPro mount platform compatible with other FPVCycle frames
  • GoPro mounts sold on the FPVCycle site will fit
  • 12.9 hardness steel screws and steel press-nuts
  • Micro and Nano sized FPV camera spacing (20mm wide or narrower)
  • Comfortable room for battery on top
  • No need for battery pads. Unique batt strap mechanism for less weight
  • Fits the DJI Air unit but the Vista is recommended


Customer Reviews

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So good

Can i have the one u built in the vid? Also autographed <3

Nice frame, super tight...

I actually really like this frame, low profile, looks good and the fit of the arms is immaculate, would recommend and would definitely buy again...feels great in the air too



Best flying 5” frame yet

I’ve purposely taken the time to fly different types of frames, from “stretched X”, “true X”, “squashed X “ and “H”. They all have their benefits whether it’s the speed that you get from “stretch x” or the stability that you get with “squashed x” but in having certain positive qualities there are generally trade offs where they are lacking in other areas. A few months ago I set out to design a more “true x” style frame but I wanted props out of view at lower cam angles so I extended the front of the fuselage to meet the ends of the front arms, this quad aims to do the same thing but went the other direction.....whereas I extended the fuselage, Bob swept the arms back to achieve the same concept of lower cam angle with no props in view. Obviously this isn’t a brand new concept and anyone who has seen a “deadcat” style frame knows that that’s the most common design used to get props out of view but what this quad does so well is provide an awesome balance between not having props in view at lower camera angles while not sacrificing any performance. I think I especially like this frame design because it came as answer to a question that I ended up asking after designing my own frame which was “wait, which arm layout actually suits my flying style the best ?”

If you’re reading this and you’re anything like me, you’re probably curious about durability. I’m an asshole to my quads, I’ve recently started trying to respect them more but I generally just treat them like lil kamikaze soldiers who were only made to die a glorious death. I basically “rubix-cubed” this thing into the concrete the other day, destroying all of my motors, smashing an rx and snapping one of the bumper “toes” off the end of the quads arm. I smashed the rx because the front camera cage kinda popped off the front of the frame causing the top plate to warp into the stack this was due to the lack of support in the middle part of the frame (1 standoff in the middle). Bob had actually warned me of this issue days before it happened so it only confirmed an issue he was already aware of. I’ve since seen the revisions and the only issues with durability have been addressed. On another note, my mangled frame from the crash actually went back together just fine. I’ll definitely be buying another one of these when the production version is released! Clips of me flying it on IG: WoopWeep2FPV and YouTube: WOOP WEEP

Best hd frame

Best hd frame i have flown builds easy has tons of mounting room , just a great design ready to see your final revision