CineSplore/ToothFairy V4 Duct - set of 4

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STL file to print your own here

We've come a pretty long way with duct designs.  Each iteration is incremental but definitely an improvement over the previous version.  This latest version is a design that comes from a member of the community.  After much discussion and testing, this latest duct provides more thrust, lower noise levels and better durability than any previous design.  You can mix and match this duct with any of the previous designs on the same craft and it will fly well.

The member of the community which primarily worked on this design has chosen not to make themselves known but the print file is available for anyone to print.  We just offer the ducts to make it easier for those without printers.  These prints are also from a PTEG material that is fully heat stable and a bit more durable than other options for such a design.  The prints are imperfect at the outlet of the duct because it is not as easy to print this design.

Note: The ducts do NOT fit the frame perfectly on purpose. When screwed into place the ducts are held under tension and are somewhat oval. When fresh props are inserted, they will rub against that walls of that duct. Arm the quad and get the props spinning, then hover for a few seconds to allow them to grind into place.  It will be loud during this process and then it will quiet down considerably. This sort of fit actually improves efficiency a but but more importantly, reduces overall vibrations in the system because it's all held under tension.  Again, this imperfection is a biproduct of printing but also helpful.  There is no issue if the ducts do not fit 100% perfectly. 


  • Improved ‘duct-foil’ for more thrust, better efficiency and no loss of control
  • Printed from PTEG which is fully heat stable
  • Durability is much better than PLA
  • Brass inserts not required and no longer included
  • ~13g per duct without brass inserts

STRONGLY Recommend:

- FPVCycle 23mm 3450kv motors
- 4S 1100-1300mah
- Gemfan 75mm triblade cinewhoop prop

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
James S. (Huntington Park, US)
V4 Ducts

Good quality print work on the ducts. Definitely feeling more responsiveness on cinematic flight turns. Good upgrade from previous ducts!

Ron Lau (Marsiling, SG)
Installed but not flown on quad

The ducts feels pretty good, but I have yet flown my quad as I am still waiting for my props from China.

Eyal M (Savoy, US)
Duct v3

Those are awesome really more durable and flight is smooth

Greg (Delray Beach, US)
Love these! Hope more get stocked soon

Aesthetically pleasing, great fit for 2203/04 motors. Sound quality from the propellers has improved. A little more durable than V2. Took a bunch of tree bonks no problem, concrete column chipped it up.
Held up really well during a punishing shoot chasing skaters around. And flight characteristics (using frame, motors and ducts bob recommended) is just pure joy.
Hoping more of these are in stock soon!

Peterd (Fountain Valley, US)
Difference in flight and in sound!

Using these on my CineSplore and my Cloud149 and the difference from stock plastic ducts to these are a major improvement to sound and performance.
Hint: before placing brass inserts in ducts, line them up on arms so pre-holes match. I pre-drilled one duct because the holes didn’t line up. If not they will oval on arms.