2mm Prop Hole Drill Bit Kit

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Are you looking for an extra half millimeter?  Well now you can drill drill drill your way to 2mm in no time!  :-D

This is a tool that helps drill the perfect size hole in those pesky 1.5mm prop hub holes to fit 2mm press fit prop shafts.  The product images should pretty much be the guide on how to use this tool.  It’s pretty darn nice and it drills as straight of a hole as possible.  It works well for us so far.

Customer Reviews

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David fpv (Chicago, US)
Great drill

Drills your holes nice and straight

Jim Hall (Morgantown, US)
2mm Prop Hole Drill Bit Kit

As a machinist/fabricator of 40+ years, I have no problem recommending this. It amazes me it can be manufactured at this quality and sold at this price!

George P. (Fishers, US)
Great tool kit

This does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Trajan_FPV (Petaluma, US)
Very nice kit

Well machined and very helpful.

Anthony (Escondido, US)
Very Handy Tool

Nicely made tool kit to open up those 1.5mm hubs to fit the 2mm babytooth motor shafts. A must have with standard props that you are trying to fit on 2mm shafts.