BeeBrain V2 Camera Mount and Canopy

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If you’ve had one of these in the past on a whoop or a Toothpick, you know how freakishly resilient and durable it is. Definitely not indestructible but it was designed for whoops and we’ve been smashing it at ~70+ MPH for a year now and so far there is nothing out there that can begin to compare. TPU will be more durable but offers little in the way of structural protection if you try and match the insanely low 1.3g weight of the Bee Brain V2. After immense testing of all available non-TPU canopy options that will fit the Toothpick, we came back to this.

This mount was designed for Whoop AIO cams that have board dimensions of 13.5x13.5mm with an M7 mount lens. Unfortunately, our preferred cameras (Runcam Nano 3 and OV231)  don't quite fit inside the mount as it is but it’s a very simple fix. Check out the pictures and you’ll see that all you need to do is clip back the camera protection bumpers on the front a little then hold the camera with some tape or anything of your choosing. Yes, in the year 2020 this is the best we have. It’s quite frustrating but this is the lowest weight, most durable, best looking camera/mount apparatus we’ve been able to come up with. You’re looking at about 2g for camera and mount with high durability. Pretty hard to beat.

Oh and if you’re buying this for a whoop or an AIO cam, have at it! It’s awesome!


  • Mounting: 25.4x25.4mm (1”x1” Whoop pattern) M1.6 but can pressure screw onto M2
  • Weight: 1.3g, 1.0-1.1g with some lens hood cut off
  • Lens hole: 10mm diameter (M7 mount lens)
  • Material: Some sort of magical polycarbonate
  • Camera angle: 20deg but you can increase this easily with how you mount it

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
william bryington (Harrodsburg, US)
Favorite camera mount

By far my favorite camera mount for all things whoop and toothpick. Have these mounts several builds. My go to camera mount.

Vorapat N (Bangkok, TH)
BeeBrain V2 Camera Mount and Canopy

Light, durable and easy to maintain. Crashed several times mostly on grass, dirt and trees, still going strong.

James Hickman (Albuquerque, US)
Lite weight and very durable.

Amazing little canopy!

Akos Komives (Solna, SE)
Best BabyTooth canopy

Love this canopy. Has crashed once in a full bananas powerloop straight into the ground (winter, frozen soil, very little grass) and it has protected the camera, the FC, only the supports broke taking up the energy.

Like the simplicity and the ease of mounting. Low weight, the bright colour ones are my favorite.

Scott (Chapmanslade, GB)
Really Nice mount

Good quality mount as known by most - great for toothpicks like the babytooth and tp3