Cap/Diode System For Motor Noise Suppression

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Use this for any 6S multirotor application with motors up to 2806.5. Use one Cap/Diode system per four motors and solder directly to batt pads on ESC or AIO. This product is designed with the appropriate wire length, thickness and quality to be maximally effective in the smallest and lightest package for the job. We do not recommend longer or different gauge wires. Shorter wire length is best.

What actually is this product?

If you're operating a modern multirotor, you're probably using modern ESC's which often struggle to manage electronic noise coming from the motors. This electronic noise can cause significant performance fluctuations in your flight controller or completely fry components on your craft. This product is designed to help manage electronic noise to improve both performance and longevity of components. It has been specifically designed to be very easy to use and as effective as possible in a very light and small package given it's performance.

This capacitor is paired with TVS diodes on a board such that they complement each other. It's a 35V 820uf FR series Panasonic capacitor with TVS diodes that will shunt 18A at 28V. The two operate very differently. While the diodes function extremely quickly and with extremely low latency, the capacitor will better manage sustained electrical fluctuations also with extremely low latency.

This product is directly targeted at 5" 6S FPV quads but works very well elsewhere too.

Physical Specifications:

  • 32mm 18awg wire
  • Max installed wire length of 30mm STRONGLY recommended
  • 4.3g with all wire
  • 29mm height
  • 10mm diameter, 15mm PCB length
  • Conformal coated PCB

Capacitor Specifications:

  • 35v 820uf Panasonic FR capacitor
  • 10,000 hr life
  • 0.018ohms impedance
  • 2470 (100kHz +105C mA r.m.s.) ripple current

TVS Diode Specifications (per diode):

  • Diodes Incorporated
  • Reverse standoff voltage 28V
  • Breakdown voltage: 31.1-34.4
  • Max Clamping Voltage: 45.4
  • Peak current: 8.8A
  • Max reverse leakage 5.0uA

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Daniel O (Port Saint Lucie, US)
Works great

Work good and look good.

Sunny Singh Rai (San Francisco, US)
Simple & perfect

Such a perfect & great solution the cap looks amazing with the FPVcycle logo on it nothing short of perfect but that’s what you get when you go with FPVCycle !

Robert N (Mount Laurel, US)
Polished product

Works very well. Shorten up leads as much as possible very polished and finished product. My only criticism very large.

Nice formfactor

Very nice presoldered combination of cap and tvs diode

Daniel Mackey (San Francisco De Las Llagas, US)
Works excellent

Amazing little combo I love it