FPVCycle 16mm Motor - 3700kV

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This motor is unique in a few ways. First off, it’s sporting our new lighter prop shaft design, it’s got a 9x9 M2 mount so it will fit lighter style frames and the overall stator volume is higher than 1605 while weighing much less than it should. This motor is ideal for high powered 3” operation and low weight 4” crafts.

The goal of this motor is maximum power and control for a medium weight 3" quad. A taller stator with taller magnets are used for the high RPM control needed for small 3" props but a wide 16mm diameter with middling 3700kv is used to manage the heat dissipation of the motor in use. This is one of the most genuinely unique and interesting motors we've got in our lineup.

This motor is very powerful and 'notchy'. Please be sure to use a properly applied and appropriately sized capacitor.

Recommended Uses:

  • 3” 3S-4S high powered craft with AUW >150g
  • 4” 3S with very low load props and under ~250g AUW


  • 16mm stator diameter, greater than 5mm stator height
  • 9x9mm M2 mounting pattern (not flush mount)
  • ~13g with ~70mm length wires
  • ~16g with prop adapter, nut and 240mm 24awg wire length
  • 0.15mm Kawasaki High performance laminations
  • N52SH ARC magnets
  • 3mm grade 5 titanium internal shaft
  • M3 grade 5 titanium prop shaft with M5 adapter
  • 2x5x2.5mm 520zz Japan ISC Custom bearings
  • 7075-T6 aluminum casing
  • 260℃ enamel coated single wrap oxygen-free copper windings

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tobias F. (Melbourne, AU)
Great motors

I've got the non-unibell version of these motors, got them for free hehehe
Works great on my 3.5 inch quad, high quality motors Very happy with them!

J.H. (Cincinnati, US)
These motors are special.

They have amazing power for their weight. IMO they work very well on 3.5inch with 5s lipo, or 4s lipo on 4inch prop, both work amazing

Rafyfly (Chiyoda-ku, JP)
16 mm motor TOOTHFAIRY2 3”

This motor are very powerful.
Nice throttle response.
I think on 3s for 3” and 3.5” are very good and nice for TOOTHFAIRY2.

Jacob Hughes (Cincinnati, US)
Amazing motors, sooo powerful and they sound good too!

The only choice for 3.5 inch props

Chris Taylor
Amazed, as usual best micro motor in existence

Super happy with the performance economy and flight characteristics of this 16mm fpv cycle micro motor.
Paired with a 3.5” prop the flight feel is nothing short of amazing! Very happy with the improved low end feel and added altitude management characteristics.
Will be using again on other builds of this category.
Thank you for the development and research done on this 16mm platform!