FPVCycle 30mm (Choose Kv) - 7"-8" Motor

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The default size for 7” props today is 2806.5. This motor is 10.7% wider, 22.6% larger by volume and 7 grams heavier than the Brother Hobby 2806.5. It has a larger 13mm bearing and has been constructed with top shelf parts. Compared to 2806.5 or any smaller size, this motor will feel better in the air with improved attitude hold, control execution and throttle management. Because it is a bigger motor, it does have the ability to draw more amps but if flown in the same manner as the smaller motor, it will be more efficient.

It is recommended to use the highest C rated batteries of any given brand in 1800-2700mah 6S with the smaller 1800mah cell to be used for sport flying. An 1800mah 6S in high C will be able to just about supply the amps needed for a medium load 7” prop. The Kv of this motor was chosen for a balance of performance and power draw on 6S 7” for that given battery size range. 8S is suitable on 7” props if you’re looking for more power. There are no 7” props we actually like as of Nov 2020. We are working on a prop that should be here soon.

After so much testing, we started to develop our own ways to plan motor designs. Two important metrics are stator volume and stator surface area. If the ratio of these two numbers are off, you either get a reliable but poor performing hot motor or an unreliable motor that’s risky to fly. This motor leans towards the reliability side because it’s intended for higher value crafts flying in more critical conditions. The motor has similar ratios as a 2207 and based on our tests and predictions, should have reliability similar to that of a 2207 size motor on 5”.

If using in quad configuration, aim for an AUW of under 1.25kg for good performance.  The golden weight is around 1kg however this is a bit difficult to reach given the weight of the battery and your likely desire for a GoPro on board.  Performance begins to suffer a lot more past 1.3kg but 7" props are much more lenient to weight than any size smaller.  If using in an X8 configuration, you already know what you're doing so we don't need to offer any advice here...

Motor sizes for a given prop have been arbitrarily chosen and somewhat tested since the inception of FPV quads. The default motors of today are the result of every manufacturer copying another manufacturer that got the idea or design from someone in our community. The only way to actually know how a motor will perform is to spend the money to make various versions so you can test them in the real world with real props and real batteries. We have actually spent the time and money to do this and will attempt to at least obscure the size so that it takes a bit longer for other manufacturers to copy us. That is why this is called ‘The 30mm motor’. The size of this motor is 6213/2. There are an unlimited number of ways and sizes to make a motor. The manufacturers that steal details and make a ‘me too’ motor to capitalize on someone else's work hurt the industry and make it very difficult to spend money on any amount of R&D.  We do not gouge our customers with pricing.  We genuinely strive to produce the best products we can and offer them for the lowest reasonable price we can.


  • Size: DON’T COPY US!
  • 55g with 20cm 18awg wire
  • 1420KV - 1150KV
  • 12N14P
  • 4-8S
  • N52H arc magnets
  • 260 ℃ Military grade copper wire
  • 0.2mm Kawasaki silicon steel laminations
  • 16mm length Titanium Alloy hollow shaft
  • Japanese NMB 13x6x5mm bearings
  • 18AWG 20cm length
  • 7075 Aluminum
  • M5 Prop shaft
  • M3 19X19mm mount
  • Never mind the mounting screws it comes with.  Assume there are no mounting screws....the manufacturer messed that one up, sorry.


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FPVCycle 30mm (Choose Kv) - 7"-8" Motor


Running these on a QAV-R 7" with the new Holybro 60a and it feels just perfect. Great throttle feel and loads of power. After a few different motor combos I plan to stick with these. Just a few good crashes and the motors are still in balance.

So far so good!

Have these on a 7" SuperG Plus, AUW w/gopro around 1kg. Ive gotten a better tune and a better flying quad, for my style, out of these big boys. They replaced the Rcinpower 2806.5, which are also good motors.

Simply no match

I have 10x 7" rigs, trying to find that one motor that will give me the power, efficiency and weight.

These 30mm motors are simply RAW POWER which I powered with dual Tattu Rline v3 6S 1400maH in parallel they will take high amps during hard acceleration and high pitched props and give me an acceleration that I have not had on any other build.

The pleasant surprise was simply a major benefit I never expected raw power motors that these are could also be efficient.
This means I can do long range with Lithium Ions. I still cant understand how you can have the power of a V8 big block engine with the efficiency of a Tesla.

Mind you they will chew amps when you push it and they deliver results.
I use mine now all with 7056 3 blade props and I am sure they would drive something larger with ease. I think you could spin a 9" prop with them.

I enjoy the results to these motors so much that I purchased a second set and created a second build exactly the same specs and havent looked back.

I use it on a iFlight Chimera7 frame which is probably at this stage the stiffest frame I own, T-Motor 55A Pro II 4in1 ESC, Holybro Kakute F745, Dalprop 7056 3 blade props, Tattu Rline 1400maH V3 batteries x 2 feeding into XT90 plug with AWG10 wire to the ESC 50v 1000uF Low ESR capacitor, Matek M9N GPS with magnetometer, DJI Air Unit and camera, TBS CRSF Diversity with long range antennas one is extended, 2x TrueRC Singularity Carbon versions, Custom 3D printed mounts, INAV 2.6 after initially using Betaflight and realising long range was unexpectedly possible,


Motors look great and fly even better!