Gemfan 4023 - 4" TriBlade Prop (2CW + 2CCW) - Clear Grey

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While this looks like a scale up from the 3016, the engineers do actually re-tune the prop for the given size. The resulting prop is a 2.00g, impressively responsive and smooth/controlled through the throttle range. Grip is not extremely high similar to the 3016 but it’s definitely no slouch. Durability is as good but really depends on the quad’s weight. More weight will cause more damage. The only other prop currently in this same class is the now ~3yr old HQ 4x4.3x3V1S which is still an excellent prop today. The V1S will be a bit quicker with slightly more grip but less controlled on the throttle (much more jumpy and difficult to manage) and slightly less responsive. The defining features of the Gemfan 4023 is the response and very well managed throttle control.

In general, 4” is a bit of a difficult size which hasn’t gotten much attention in the industry. While it sits between 3” and 5”, its performance characteristics are far closer to 3” than 5” and it’s generally recommended by us to build the quad in such a manner. Rather than scaling down using 5” parts, consider scaling up and using micro components. Think small and go up rather than large and go down. In recent times, micro components have drastically improved and this size class is starting to make more sense. Of course you can build a very meaty 4” with 2205 motors and super bull nose props that performs somewhat similar to a 5”, but this isn’t the prop for such a build. It can absolutely support a flying weight of 550g if needed but optimal performance will come from a lighter, ,more refined build. Things to come in the near future...and it won’t be press fit but will likely be something else...

Recommended Use

  • 4” quad
  • ~1407 minimum recommended, ~1506 recommended, ~1606-1607 max performance
  • ~3400-4300kv with 4S recommended. 4300kv and 4S has minor deflection.
  • 6S not really needed but 2500-2800kv recommended if desired.
  • AUW 200-400g range recommended but will do fine with more too.


  • 4"
  • 2.00g
  • Supposed to have a pitch of 2.4"
  • Made from Polycarbonate
  • 5.4mm hub thickness
  • M5 prop shaft hole with T-mount hub insert adapter for 1.5mm center hole
  • Insert can pull all the way through. Requires the use of screws to secure.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Josef Dahari (Woodmere, US)
Excellent props

Really sweet for my 4"

Gerald Bohne (Los Angeles, US)
So far good.

So far good with the fouride. Nice Balkan e and allow the fpv cycle motors to run smooth

Eyal M (Savoy, US)
Great props on the fourride

They are a bit fragile or I’m crashing to hard LOL

Mr Dexter (North Charleston, US)
Fantastic Props

Great thrust and control. These might be my favorite props ever. I used these on my Mutant 4 build with 1505 motors. The AUW is 263. It's much faster and more maneuverable than any of my 5" quads.

Chris (Calgary, CA)
Favourite 4” props

I run these on my 4” Gecko and are a perfect match, I find them quieter and more efficient than any others I’ve tried while still moving enough air to perform really well.