Gemfan Hurricane 4024 Props - (4CW +4CCW)

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This prop is the twin blade version of the 4023 but in Gemfan style, the twin blade has a bit more pitch on it. The best use for this prop is on any low weight 4” platform. This prop matches the FPVCycle 1303 5000kv with the Toothpick 4” arms except for the fact that the hub hole is 1.5mm. We expected this prop to have the same mutli-hub insert as the 4023 but for some reason it doesn’t. When the T-mount version of the FPVCycle 2203 comes, this will be a fantastic prop for it. We’ve also requested Gemfan make the future batches of this prop with the same multi-hub as the 4023.

You can also pickup the Prop hole drill adapter on FPVCycle to drill these props out to a perfect 2mm hub hole as well. This product is coming soon...

Overall, the twin blade version of these Gemfan light blade props compared to the triblades are usually slightly more slippery in the turns, faster overall with more controllable lower throttle range and are surprisingly quite a bit more efficient.


Recommended Use:

  • 4” quad
  • ~1303-1506 will likely be ideal
  • 3600kv with 4S is the maximum you’d want to try. 5000kv on 2S is fantastic.


  • 4"
  • 1.65g
  • Supposed to have a pitch of 2.4"
  • Made from Polycarbonate
  • mm hub thickness
  • T-mount hub with 1.5mm center hole

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Martin Pearn (Milton, CA)
I’m a fan

Great props for 4” TP3 arms