Glide 5” Dead Cat Arms (2pc)

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These are the Dead Cat arms for the Glide series of frames. The idea here is to get the props out to the side to get them out of the view of the GoPro. You still need about 20deg tilt on the GoPro to get the 5” props out. 5.1” props fit also.

16x16 mount only

These arms are made of high grade carbon in 0.5mm thickness layers. Thinner layers make the carbon much stronger and is much more expensive to manufacture. These arms do not have a chamfer on them.

Customer Reviews

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Here kitty kitty!

Got these to go on my glide lite. Personally I'm saving this build for the long days in the quarantine that's coming. They look good however I would have liked to see a matching chamfer but I think I'lll have time to do it by hand.

Happy new owner :)

no props in view and i like the look :)

Hyperlite Glide Dead Cat Arms

I bought these Dead Cat arms on the recommendation of KababFPV here in the shop because I couldn't get them anywhere in Germany. What can I say ... first class quality and the delivery was so fast. I was totally surprised that I got my arms so quickly ... absolutely awesome