Glide 6” Arms (4-Pack) - 5mm Thickness

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Recommend using at least 2mm regular Glide body plates or Glide Hammer body plates that are 2.5mm thick.

16x16 mount only. 

These arms are 5mm thick and made of high grade carbon in 0.5mm thickness layers. Thinner layers make the carbon much stronger and is much more expensive to manufacture. These arms do not have a chamfer on them.

Customer Reviews

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Dudley Knowles (Cedar City, US)
6” Glide? Yes, please.

Swapped out my 5” arms with 2207s for 6” arms and 2208s, threw on a set of bi-blade Ethix bubblegums, and got an efficient mid-range cruiser. Currently on vacation with it and getting 6-7 minutes of cruising on a 6S 1300 mah with 6” bi-blade Bubblegum props. YouTube video placeholder
John (Henderson, US)
Why only 16x16?

So 5" arms will fit 19mm motors but the 6" arms wont? Ok...............

noscade fpv (Mililani Town, US)

It took awhile but finally got them.Don't know what's up with the mail system but things are taking longer to get here.Anyway put these on my cineglide.Had to do a little trimming but got them on.I have to say I like it a little more than the 5".
Setup is the same as when it was a 5" just switched the arms and props.Now it seems to fly with more authority.Doesn't have that heavy feel of a 7"but does still glide like one.Just wish there were 6"dead cat arms(hint, hint).Cause there is a little props in view.Other then that I think this is a great setup.

MontiFPV (Barre, US)
Great looking

I have not used them yet but they look like high quality arms

ByteMeFPV (Dallas, US)
I only got one flight out of them... Sure looked nice though!

I only got one flight out of them... Sure looked nice though!