Gemfan 3018 Props (4CW + 4CCW) - 2mm

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  • 3” twin blade prop
  • ~0.75g
  • 2mm press fit and T mount
  • Will fit 1.5mm shafts with T mount
  • Polycarbonate
  • Very low load

Recommended use:

  • 1202.5 or 1303 motors
  • Will work okay on 1103
  • ~4500-5000kv 3S or ~7200-8000kv 2S
  • On a powerful motor and 3S ~6000kv, the prop will flitter a little at the top RPM
  • AUW under 120g strongly recommended


Gemfan really stepped up with this TP3 specific design and executed the spec fantastically well.

At just ~0.75g with a very gentle pitch, this prop is designed to have very high response and operate at higher RPM’s.  As a result, low speed flight performance is ever so slightly more slippery compared to a triblade.  Overall the defining characteristics of this prop are great response, and incredible efficiency with a touch more speed than the 3016 triblade.  Efficiency is 20-50% higher compared to the 3016 triblade depending on AUW and flight style.  Durability will vary based on AUW. At ~100g AUW, it has very high durability but add an extra 50g to the AUW and you’ll start bending the blade in hits.

The general Toothpick setup is intended to be low weight with small motors.  This prop specifically designed for this application is intended for an AUW of under 120g.  It is NOT designed for a 300g 3”. It will NOT perform well with such a setup. The thin and very low pitch blade will not hold up to high weight stress.  It will suffer to generate the necessary thrust to perform well and will especially suffer when trying to change directions.


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Dirty_D_fpv (Portland, US)
Gemfan 3018 🔥🔥🔥

These props are amazing all around from the nice and tight press fit to the durability of these props no reason to look anywhere else and as a bonus they fly like a eagle diving in for the kill smooth fast and almost dead silent 🦅 buy them!

Adam (Dayton, US)
Great Props for Babytooth

They’re durable, lightweight, and have a low pitch. What’s not to like?

David fpv (Orland Park, US)
Best 3” prop

Awesome prop

Jon Vance (Apple Valley, US)
Great performing props for TP3 - need a lot of room to fly!

I love these bi-blade props, more top speed & flight time, however I live on a 1/2 acre property and these props are just too fast and not enough control for my limited flying experience... I prefer the Gemfan TRI-BLADE 3016x3 for my small flying area & they are quieter too:-)

Finn Jokay (Munich, DE)
Very durable, responsive, efficient, fast

Just build myself a super light 1s Babytooth and baught 10CW and 10CCW props. There was absolutley no need for that. my quad is very light and the props simply don´t brake. Out of 40 packs and at least 25 crashes (on rocks and steel) one prop bend once and bending back was super easy and clean. No vibrations/ jello. Its pretty warm here though, don´t know what happens in cold weather. We´ll see!