FPVCycle Amaxinno 1303 4800kv Motor - 2mm prop shaft

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  • ~6.6g with long, ~90mm wires
  • 9mm diameter, 4 hole, M2 mount
  • 28awg silicone motor wire
  • 2mm press fit prop shaft that’s 5mm tall and 2mm internal shaft
  • T-mount prop mounting
  • Xmm size bearings
  • C-clip bell bottom and no C-clip n top
  • Magnet ratings are bogus, these aren’t the strongest and aren’t the weakest
  • Magnet structure designed to reduce noise feedback
  • 0.15mm laminations
  • 7075 industrial aircraft grade space age super duper ultra aluminum

     Recommended use:

    • Recommended props: Gemfan 3018 Props - 2mm 
    • For use with 2S and 3S on a 2.5” triblade or 3” twinblade or very low load 3” triblade.


    After testing custom motor products from six different companies, we went with the original tried and true Amaxinno because they really do make an excellent product. This is a German company that utilizes Chinese manufacturing. Yes they’re actually based in Germany. I didn’t believe it myself until I spoke to them consistently and realized the time zones match up.

    Anyway, this motor is designed specifically for a light 3” prop. We painstakingly tested all sorts of variations on the motor to arrive at the specific design. The prop shaft/mount and base mount along with the good aluminum and hardened steel shaft are all standard to us. We’re not using very high strength magnets on these motors so you don’t get a lot of noise feedback into the system that cause oscillations and generally annoying issues. The negative impact of this is just a touch less efficiency and power but not enough to matter in the real world. We sacrificed something you can’t really notice to gain a lot in the way of usability.

    The 4800kv is also very specific to this motor for a couple reasons. Micro motors are super sensitive to over kv. They reach a point where the performance gains steeply drop off and the extra kv draws a lot more amps. That point on this motor is very drastic and right around 5000kv. Micro motors also behave very differently than bigger motors. It’s really hard to ‘guess’ how it’s going to perform without real world testing so after doing that real world testing, we learned that in this particular size and construction, it’s even more sensitive to the kv and amp draw than a typical micro motor. The 3mm height is not only to save weight, but also to help limit the amps further over a taller stater. So we went with 4800kv to keep the motor in their peak efficiency zone during performance use. The 1204 feels like it might be a little more efficient but we’re probably fooling ourselves. We also haven’t tested everything however so pick them up and see what you think for yourself.

    The rationale behind the 2mm prop shaft:

    Previously, prop shafts meant for press fit props existed in just about every denomination from .8mm through 1.7mm. When we started flying Toothpick class quads that had lots more power/speed than typical micros, we started sheering prop shafts when using press fit props. We absolutely hate the annoyance and weight of the T mount screw mechanism so we just upped the shaft diameter to 2mm and made our new prop fit that. This 2mm shaft is not only stronger, but it also provides more gripping surface area for the prop so it’s more secure as well. We love it.

    Durability of 2mm:

    In the beginning, 5” quads were using motors that had 3mm regular steel internal shafts. They would bend somewhat easily. Then we moved to 3mm hardened steel and they stopped bending. We still moved to 4mm hollow shafts anyway. These are 500-700g quads that were doing fine with 3mm shafts. We’re now moving the 3”, ~100g AUW class to a 2mm hardened steel shaft. It’s definitely not impossible to break anything but the size should really hold up well in this size class. We haven’t had any issues yet.


    Please use props made for 2mm press fit. Drilling out props doesn’t work out. You will almost always get the hole off center and it will cause near unusable vibrations in the system. Very few prop materials just happen to drill out well. The only prop we’ve found that drills out to the point of usability is the HQ 2.5x2.5x3. Use a 5/64” drill bit to drill this hole and it should fit the shaft perfectly. Specifically 5/64” and not a 2mm drill bit as 5/64” happens to be something like 1.97mm which is perfect for the press fit.

    Customer Reviews

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    FPVCycle Amaxinno 1303 4800kv Motor - 2mm prop shaft


    Wish I didn't need the motor mount screws with these gemfan props. The stator itself is identical to the 1204s though!!!

    One of the best toothpick motors on the market!!

    2mm shafts rock.. fun on 2s and rips on 3...

    Amaxinno 1303 motors

    Realy good quality motors, and super fast shipping to uk.hats of to fpv cycle as always.

    Unique, Powerful, Balanced, Smoooth

    First things first, I very unscientifically suggested the 1204 RCIP motors were more powerful, but Im afraid I simply had them on a lighter build. I can only say it's still a toss up for now. These Amax motors are soo incredibly smooth, fairly light weight, and have great punch on my TP3. Im mounting a set to an H3 right at the moment, and if I type fast enough there might be daylight enough for a couple packs. Love the look of these motors too. And I understand theyre supposed sustain their power better, as the ribbed side provide more surface area for better cooling of the magnets. While I maintain you cant go wrong with either these, or the 1204's I do feel that these Amax motors are worth the slight extra cost. I really wouldnt want to have to choose between them, and Im glad I dont have to. Only real criticism: got a couple wonky wraps, and with the wire so visible, Id really like to see them cleaner, but I generally am not thinking about that once Im in the air. Still 5 stars-