FPVCycle 23mm Tall Motor - 12x12 M2 Mount with M5 Prop Shaft

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This motor is the first of its kind in that it’s a full 5” performance size motor with a 12x12 M2 mount platform. Pair this motor with the Gemfan F3 or F4 prop and a sub 500g AUW 5” frame for a truly stellar level of control performance.

Recommended Uses:

  • 1830kv - 6S 5” Light weight (<~500g AUW) - not arrived yet
  • 2330kv - 3S-4S 5” Light weight (<~500g AUW)
  • 2330kv - 4S-5S 4” High powered (<~500g AUW)


  • 23mm stator diameter
  • 12x12mm M2 mounting pattern (not flush mount)
  • ~25g with ~90mm length wires
  • ~23g with short cut wires
  • The 1830kv motor is larger at 2306.2 and is ~30g with short wires
  • 0.15mm Kawasaki High performance laminations
  • M5 grade 5 titanium prop shaft
  • Screw retained bell assembly
  • 3x8x4mm 693zz Japan ISC Custom bearings
  • 7075-T6 aluminum casing
  • 260℃ enamel coated single wrap oxygen-free copper windings


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mike (Brownsville, US)
Build a 6-inch

Love the white wires. I bought these because the price was good and several recommended them. I personally have no complaints, I really like them.

React Fpv (Norristown, US)
Awesome motors

I got these to throw on my 2fiddy and I couldn’t be happier. They fly so nice. Really smooth and tons of power. Have no complaints they are really nice.

John R (Eugene, US)
Great for big cinewhoops or not-so-lightweight 5"

I built a 3.5" pusher cinewhoop with these (frame name withheld to protect the guilty). With a GoPro 8/9/10 and a big battery for long runtime you really need more oomph than you can normally get on a 12x12 mount. This might be the only way to get that kind of power on a frame designed for 12x12. And as per expectation they are well adapted to a cinewhoop (which not all 5" class motors are).

Solo6oh7 (Buffalo, US)

Excellent products and super fast shipping!

Mickey witt (Portland, US)
Amazing motors

I love these motors I have them on a micro apex with 5" arms and it's a beast.