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Start up power: 0.188 (or 18%)
Demag compensation: High
Motor Timing: High (around 25-27 for BL32)
Communication rate: 24k recommended. 48k and 96k seem to be fine too but may not be depending on the ESC.
Throttle cut of 10%


  • High performance: 1880kv with 6S 1100-1400mah and AUW below ~745g
  • MedHigh performance: 1880kv with 5S 1550mah and AUW below ~745g
  • High performance: 2200kv with 5S 1200-1600mah and AUW below ~745g
  • Cruising: 1880kv or 2200kv with as little as 4S 1300mah or larger battery
  • Any of the above setups at a lower AUW is going to perform significantly better.

This Motor Pairs Well With:

This motor has been very carefully optimized for use with 4.8-5.3" props on full 5” quads.  The most notable performance benefits are improved low throttle management and easier altitude control compared to typical 5” sized motors.  Otherwise, it is a powerful motor that performs exceptionally well on any general ~5” platform.

Today’s typical GoPro Hero carrying quad with DJI HD FPV is usually ~700-760g AUW on 6S.  In the past, ~570-640g AUW was typical with a GoPro Session on 4S-6S and analog.  These motors are designed to perform well with the increased load of a Hero camera but if the quad has an AUW below ~670g, the performance is exceptional.  Because these motors are designed for medium to med-high load setups, it is recommended to run no less than 5S 1200mah or 6S 1100mah in order to optimize battery performance.  Under high speed/high stress flying, 5S 1350mah and 6S 1250mah minimum is recommended.  We recommend the highest C batteries available from any given company.

Your prop choice is entirely personal however the recent trend is to use lower load props that continue working well into the higher RPM range.  We are working on a specially tuned 5.25” prop to better manage the higher weight quads we run today but for now, our favorite prop is the Gemfan 51433 because of it’s excellent balance of efficiency, response and control.

We always attempt to deliver the best value we can and for this reason, there are two versions of this motor.  Both versions are built to the same high spec but come from different manufacturers.  The white version also has a unique cosmetic look that is more expensive to manufacture.  Again, both are quality made, one just comes from a manufacturer that is more cost effective at manufacturing volume.  This specific size motor is less common in general so it costs more to produce.  The functional difference between the two motors is that the Imperial version is flush mount while the green version has a protruding screw on it's base.

We’ve been working on this motor for well over a year and spent a lot of time and money making loads of prototypes.  We won’t be disclosing the size or intricacies of the motor in an attempt to slow down the copying.  Compared to a typical 2306, this motor stator is 18% larger by volume and has 16% greater surface area.  The overall motor weight is similar to that of a 2306.  Nothing specific was done to reduce the weight of these motors.  They're built as durable as you would expect any 2306 to be.  They are however wider so that alone makes the larger bell more susceptible to getting knocked.

Note: the logo on the white motor is slightly faded on the top half.  The manufacturer didn’t even notice this before they made the entire batch.  It’s a minor cosmetic issue we can’t do anything about now.  :-/



    • Undisclosed size
    • 31g very short wires, ~32.5g short wires
    • 7075 Aluminum alloy
    • 12N14P Configuration
    • M5 Prop Adapter Shaft Thread
    • 13mm Titanium Alloy hollow shaft (8mm thread,non-thread 5mm)
    • Black Flanged prop nut (M5x6), no washer
    • Japanese NMB 9x4x4mm Bearin5
    • N52H arc magnets with retention lip on bell
    • 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel laminations
    • 20AWG wire, 20cm length
    • 2.5mm thick mounting base, flush mount
    • 16X16mm M3 mount
    • M3x8 button head bell retention screw
    • The functional difference between the two motors is that the Imperial version is flush mount while the green version has a protruding screw on it's base.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Throttle resolution for days!

    2306 or 2207 is just not big enough for a full size 5" quad carrying a hero 9. They perform ok but I'm not fine with okay. These Imperials are the stellar performance I've been looking for. Best 5" motor ever!

    I really like this motor for hauling a heavy Hero 8/9

    I have them mounted on my Cineglide to carry the heavy Hero 8. Of course you still feel the weight, but you are able to change directions easier, as well as having the ability to stop sliding through turns with slight correction. I definitely recommend these motors, and have had no issues, as I already run the recommended ESC settings in all of my quads

    torque and smoothness

    the torque and smoothness through the entire range of stick input is unparalleled in my opinion 4 and 5 inch quads alike will love this The 4 inch cinewhoop is let's just say amazing Thank you fpvcycle for this Imperial design.

    Absolutely Awesome!

    By far the best motors that I have used. Plenty of power, excellent throttle control, and completely smooth. They are rather large, however they don't weigh much more than a 2207, and they look beefy. They outperform everything else on the market. I have more confidence with these motors, which allows me to take more risks and push my piloting skills a little further. I definitely recommend giving these a try. The build quality is great, the style looks awesome (I have the imperial version) and the performance exceeds any higher priced motors.

    Haven't flown but they look great on my airshot build

    Haven't got a chance to use them yet but from what I hear from people I know that have flown them they are great. They look fantastic