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CineSplore Blog containing recommendations and more details about the setup

This is a mega-cinewhoop frame not unlike any other 3” ducted design. It is NOT intended to be an acrobatic machine. It is intended for slow-ish, stable, controlled flight with the payload of a GoPro Hero 8 or similar with a TPU mount. The frame is specifically designed to be lightweight (by comparison to others), durable, easy to build/repair and cost effective to maintain. It has two 20x20 mounting platforms and one Toothpick style whoop board mount (two separate stack platforms). It is designed to fit analog components or the Vista unit. The GoPro/HD mounting platform is the same as on the CineGlide and Fouride. Camera mounts for one will be easy to swap from frame to frame.

This platform performs best with the FPVCycle 2203 3450kv motor, 4S 1100mah battery, V2 Ducts, and 25mm standoffs because the V2 Ducts are shorter. The basic ducts are from the CLOUD-149. They provide adequate prop protection/safety for most situations and are decently durable while being extremely cost effective. Unfortunately, even with the genuine FPVCycle 2203 3450kv motor, you will still have some washout in extreme situations and minor yaw lock problems in gusty or confined environments such as a narrow corridor/hallway. The V3 Ducts fix most of these issues and are a bolt on replacement for the original ducts. If you are an experienced FPV pilot with developed fine motor control skills in this area, you will appreciate the V3 Ducts quite a bit. If you are novice to intermediate level, you’ll definitely notice a difference but it may not be quite as significant to you.

Compared to a typical Cinewhoop with your standard issue ~1506 and any prop, this platform running FPVCycle 2203 3450kv and the V2 ducts is dramatically improved. The motors account for about 75% of that improvement.  Dropping the standoff height to 25mm is just icing on the cake if you care to do so

Note: Tge ducts do NOT fit the frame perfectly on purpose. When screwed into place the ducts are held under tension and are somewhat oval. When fresh props are inserted, they will rub against that walls of that duct. Arm the quad and get the props spinning, then hover for a few seconds to allow them to grind into place. It will be loud during this process and then it will quiet down considerably. This sort of fit actually improves efficiency a but but more importantly, reduces overall vibrations in the system because it's all held under tension. Again, this imperfection is on purpose and 100% if the ducts do not fit perfectly. 

Print files:
GoPro 5, 6, 7, adjustable angle mount

Please please please check your FC orientation, motor orientation and prop orientation BEFORE the first flight. Always test arm with your controller and NO props on and check to make sure everything is working right. Note that this frame is designed to use a whoop board but in a square configuration. Not diamond.  If you are using a whoop board, at the absolute minimum you will need to yaw the board at least 45deg in the flight firmware settings to have it in the correct orientation.  Also, because of how whoop boards mount motors on the corners, it's easy to end up with mixed numbered motors. Remapping motors is not difficult. There will be a video uploadeded to this description page soon with quick details on how to remap. 



  • 55g without ducts
  • 101g with basic ducts
  • 125g with V2 Ducts
  • 155mm diagonal size motor center to motor center
  • ~215mm sideways width from end duct to end of duct
  • ~182mm front to back from end of duct to end of duct
  • 12x12 M2 motor mounting platform ONLY
  • Two 20x20 stacks or one 20x20 and one Toothpick board
  • Toothpick/whoop mount fits 25.4x25.4 through 26.5x26.5 size
  • TPU FPV cam mount made for mini size, will stretch to fit micro too
  • 100% DJI Vista support and strongly encouraged
  • Recommended motor: FPVCycle 2203 - 3450kv
  • Recommended prop: Gemfan 75mm Cinewhoop prop

Recommended build:

Click Here for Build Guide

Click Here for Build Guide and Discussion 


Video Build Guide:

Installing CineSplore StanFPV Ducts:

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Allen Fields (Seymour, US)
Cine Splore Great Whoop Alleyoopfpv

I love this frame one of the lightist and easiest to fly. More flight time with the lightness. The v3 ducts however are a bit britle. Awesome Frame FPV CYCLE

Martin (Brooklyn, US)
Awesome Cinewhoop frame with replaceable arms

I loved my Squirt, but did not love the fact that the arms broke so easily which lead to having to take the entire thing apart to replace the full bottom plate. So I decided to give try the Cinesplore and really like it. The frame quality is good, enough space (using a 20x20 stack, Vista, cap with Fettec spike absorber and a buzzer), and I haven't broken an arm yet.

The one thing I am not happy about are the V3 ducts. While they work well and are light, the PTEG material breaks in the smallest of crashes. After I broke 3 I tried moulded 3rd party ducts which work great. But I know that Bob and the FPVCycle community are working on a new, slammed duct design which I can't wait to try when ready!

Ryan Rochford (mouseFPV) (Novi, US)
Great Cinewhoop

Great frame, files well for a cinewhoop, easy to build.

Stanislav Yaramishyan

FPVCycle CineSplore Frame

Kai Harting (San Jose, US)
Exactly what I wanted.

Love this thing. Got it setup with the 2203 3450kv on 3/4s with a GoPro. Not sure of auw but heavy and flys awesome.

Frame is tight and a bit tough to assemble but that's what you want. Quality.