Gemfan 51433 Tri-Blade 5" Props (2CW + 2 CCW)

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This is part of the new lineup of Gemfan props.  Tracking with the design language of the extremely popular 51466, Gemfan brings us a 3.9g prop that has a slightly lesser pitch and slightly less weight.  The result is a prop that should be a bit more responsive with similar overall speed and easier overall throttle management.

There are a number of props in the same category as this prop and all of them are really fantastic. Gemfan 51433, Nazgul 5140, DAL Nepal 1, HQ S3, 4, and 5.  Of these. The 51433, Nepal 1, S4 and S5 are extremely similar with the Nepal and Gemfan being a little more efficient overall. The flight feel between them all is very close and you will need to try them to decide which you prefer.


  • 5.1"
  • 3.78g
  • Supposed to have a pitch of 4.33"
  • Made from Polycarbonate
  • 6mm hub thickness


Recommended use:

  • 5” quad
  • 2306, 2207, 2208 motor in 1750-1900kv
  • 6S for power
  • 4S for cinematic and smooth flying with high control and percision
  • AUW 540-670g range recommended

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
McShakyFpv (Centennial, US)
Rips on my Quadmula

Works great!

impedamce (Centerville, US)

Gemfan 51433 Tri-Blade 5" Props (2CW + 2 CCW)

MontiFPV (Barre, US)
First time trying and it is a good prop

My favorite freestyle prop with a mild pitch

Ricardo Padilla (Winter Park, US)
Very good props

Smooth and snappy when needed. Low pitch works well with my 2306.5 motors.

Gerald Bohne (Ontario, US)
Best props

Love these props. Great throttle resolution and smooth