FPVCycle 2203 Motor (Choose KV)

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This motor is the next step in its class and is designed to deliver optimal performance for very high load 3”/CineWhoop through 4” and light load 5”. It has been built to the highest meaningful specification available today as of the pandemic of 2020 and is unique in the industry.

The Kv has been selected for 3S-4S operation with throttle cuts as the user desires. We are fans of throttle cutting on a motor that has a little more kv than you might need as it seems to provide improved control performance vs a motor with lower kv. It also means you don’t need to buy different motors for different crafts. It’s also very easy to apply in Betaflight, Emuflight or other firmware as well as OpenTx and especially easy when using the DJI HD FPV system.

This motor is specifically designed for the following uses:

  • 3” ducted whoop
  • 4” anything
  • 5” light blade and low general AUW for 5” but the 3450kv is a challenge to tune on 5" and 4S.  3S is recommended.


Matching products:

  • CineSplore w/ Gemfan 75mm CineWhoop prop
  • PowerPick 4” with Gemfan 4023 prop
  • PowerPick 5” with Gemfan 5125 prop
  • Fouride 4” with Gemfan 4023 prop
  • Fouride 5” with Gemfan 5125 prop


Recommended battery options:

3S 1000-1500mah
4S ~1100mah

4S and 4" or 5" on a light weight platform will give you an overpowered setup.  Works fine and motors have no issues but it may be difficult to control if you're not very highly skilled on the throttle.  We like using throttle limits to make it easier to fly.  Anything from 10-20% throttle limit will help quite a bit.  More kv with a little throttle cut tends to feel better in flight as well for reasons we aren't sure about yet.

Strongly recommend no more than the gemfan 4023 and 5125 props on these motors.  For no reason other than because those props are really low load and low power props that work on RPM rather than scooping power.  For ultralight builds, it's really easy to end up with something that's super powerful.  Consider 3S....it's actually better than you think....video content on why coming soon.


  • 22mm stator diameter, 3mm stator height
  • 12x12mm M2 mounting pattern (not flush mount)
  • ~20g with ~150mm length wires
  • ~17g with cut wires
  • 0.15mm Kawasaki High performance laminations
  • N52SH ARC magnets
  • 3mm grade 5 titanium internal shaft C clip retention (much lower weight)
  • M5 grade 5 titanium prop shaft
  • 3x8x4mm 693zz Japan ISC Custom bearings
  • 7075-T6 aluminum casing
  • 260℃ enamel coated single wrap oxygen-free copper windings
  • Bearing saver damping washer under bell/on top of bearing
  • Tuned steel flux ring

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