FPVCycle Fouride Frame- Vista Compatible (Choose Size)

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This frame was designed as a 4” platform but then pulled out to 5” because it would support it nicely. It’s really intended for 4” but it’s quite nice as a very light 5” platform as well. The 5” version is discouraged for beginners because it is not as durable.

The Fouride is intended to be used with analog video or the DJI/Caddx Vista system with the regular full size DJI camera (Nebula, nano and micro size cameras fit as well). It’s a low weight platform which takes advantage of the current and future line of electronics. The layout of the frame consists of two side by side stack platforms that fit both 20x20 and Toothpick/whoop boards with a low 15mm build height. This low build height is intended to keep the weight distribution tight.

In designing the setup around the current and future micro electronics, we discovered an annoying design limitation. The most obvious design layout would be to stack all the electronics. The dilemma there is that either the battery is slung under the frame or hoisted way up in the air above the electronics. Neither of which is preferred for flight performance (racers excluded). The other slightly less obvious option is to spread out the electronics side by side. This allows for a really nice and tight weight distribution and CG, but results in a fuselage that's a bit longer than desired. So we went with 4” arms rather than a 3" because it just makes more sense.

With 4” props, you barely see the tips of the blades in the DJI camera. With 3” props, you don’t see the blades at all. There is a mounting platform for a GoPro on top which is the same platform as the CineGlide and CineSplore as well.


  • 4” with 4” arms, 5” with 5” arms
  • 4” arms - 61g fully built
  • 5” arms - 68g fully built
  • Top mount battery
  • HD Camera mount same as CineSplore and CineGlide
  • 12x12 M2 motor mount pattern
  • 4” Motor center to motor center: 141mm wide, 113mm long, 180mm diag
  • 5” Motor center to motor center: 177mm wide, 132mm long, 220mm diag
  • 1.5mm thick body plates, 3mm thick arms
  • Two stack mount platforms for 20x20 or Toothpick mount each
  • No stack/arm screw integration
  • 15mm build height
  • Digital and analog. Made to fit Vista unit with Full size DJI camera or smaller

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Customer Reviews

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Tied with the Glide as my favorite frame

Lot’s of fun as a lightweight build with a whoop FC, 850mah 4s and Insta360 Go 2. Way more fun than any 3” and probably the best all around frame for being able to get in tight places while approaching 5” performance in open spaces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ1OSAYvhOI

What a smooth 4in ride...

Had needed this frame for a client, and of course at the last minute the client had changed their mind... appeared to be an out of stock thing.
But low and behold, Bob made sure I got it. Then build it... flew it... and it has become my new daily ripper. This fairly lightweight 4in Fouride just replace my old 5in for good.
Using a stripped Nebula Pro and loving it... no plans to add an external camera


It was just a really nice frame (I got the 5" one) and looked unique but also well made. Its a true ____ to put together (a very complex design) and required a bit of sanding on the central standoff hole, but all in all a sensationally well made frame. Carbon is all chamfered too contrary to the pictures showing it to be straight. Would recommend if you are at least an intermediate builder.

Awesome frame

Perfect : durable, quite light and easy to assemble. I recommend this frame!

Beautiful design, easy to build

This frame and build has gone together beautifully thanks to the thought and design that was put into creating it. Can’t wait to fly.